Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tomorrow is our second annual photographers meeting and we are honored to welcome my mentor from Children's Hospital Palliative Care team, Michelle Frost. We are so proud of the work of our team here at Soul and it will be wonderful just to have time with them and work toward improving our services.

Llewelyn and I spent the yesterday with my parents in Sequim. Its hard that the drive lasts as long as the time we get to spend wiht them, but it was so nice to have lunch and enjoy their company. My sister in law and niece joined us and the owner of The Oak Table so graceously treated us to lunch since my dad and brother had both worked with him during construction.

I am sharing four new faces to Soulumination: Caleb, Addison, Alec, and Izabelle. Soon these children will be in our gallery but for now enjoy their beauty.
Caleb was photographed by Christina and has liver cancer. You can see him here today with his birthday cake.

The next new Soul face is Izabella and you may remember her from photos from the artist sale, she is shown here today with her mom. She was photographed with her friend Alyc by Michael
l. They are good friends and met through their treatment of their heart conditions.

The baby I am sharing with you today is Addisonwho was photographed by Sharlane. She passed way in September from her chromisone rearrangement.

Another reminder that Saturday is the trunk show. We hope to have a great turn out. You can find more information on our website.

We are also looking for some new volunteers who are careful workers that would like to help us create the photo albums for the families. We are having a day long work party in March and would love more help. There are parts of the book making that could be taken home if people are interested. These stunning handmade keepsakes are a big part of our gift to the families and through our evaluations we know that they are become family treasures.

In love and peace, Lynette