Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So much is happening here at Soulumination:  last week a great board meeting led brilliantly by our president Lori Sawyer and the voting in of two new members, Matt Kochel and Brenda Wagner.  Today a meeting was led by board member and photographer Randell Walton to brainstorm ways to enhance our new mission of photographing adults and it led to many new ideas and firming up of goals.  Sarah is busy booking 5 new families and we are trying to complete shoots with a number of others that have had to reschedule.  Kari is working hard to complete a Valentine project for our families.  Brenna and Audrey are putting finishing touches on grant requests.  Jenni and Shirley have polished off the financial work of accounting for the 07 records. A meeting at Children's Hospital with two of my mentors led to exciting ways to reach more families.  I  am thrilled with the results of the prayer flag work party and still reveling in the warmth of the visit from Taryn and her family and a lovely email I received today from Emma's mom who wrote about last years Tay Sachs conference.  We are moving forward with loving support.

I spent the weekend quietly alone at our cabin and loved the peace of that beautiful place.  I talked with both girls while there and am so thankful to have daughters that are moving into their adult lives with such fierce independance and strong goals.  Llewelyn is thinking of applying to the Peace Corps and McKenzie is starting to put together her senior project to complete her degree while managing the restaurant in Chico.  Mac has introduced us to a new man in her life and we have watched while she deals with his leaving for a 2 year study in Australia.  Its been delightful to get to know this man and I thank him for allowing me to take some photos which were such a big surprise to McKenzie.  Watching these young people inspires me to take more risks, to follow my own passions and to be thankful for all that Doug and I have enjoyed through parenthood.

I want to thank my dear friend Sidni for her generosity of time and money.  Sidni has been at every single work party that she could possible attend.  She has listened and let me cry so many times when loss and the work of Soul has swept my heart.  She is selfless in her devotion and I thought I could thank her in the smallest of ways by sending a set of the prayer flags to her mom when she went to visit her in Michigan over the weekend.  Sidni's mom was such a vibrant woman just a few years ago and with Alzheimers she is now quietly aging in a rest home.  I thought the prayer flags might brighten her room a bit and left them as a gift, but the next day I noticed a check to Soul from Sidni for the the flags and felt so sad as I thought she misunderstood and thought she had to pay for them.  I mentioned this to her today and she said, in her typical lovely way that she knew they were a gift and that she knew it was done in kindness but in realizing that she wanted to do a small thing back to Soul.  Its hard to beat a great friend and supporter for sure compassion.  We all salute you Sidni and thank you wholeheartedly.
  I couldn't be more touched knowing that John, Chris and now EJ sport tattoos of my photos.  Last night EJ, Taryn and Deb all looked so great on LA Ink.  It was wonderful to see part of the process of the creation of EJ's beautiful tattoo and to hear the story of Taryn's disease.   I send love to all three men and a big hug to EJ for his grace and presence on national television.    In love and peace, Lynette