Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day. This commemorates three years since the start of Soulumination with the publication of the article in People Magazine. I received a Valentine today from one of our families that was featured in the article. I thank all the families that have shared their stories and have allowed us to move forward with this work of legacy and honor. In this past week alone we have worked with 6 new families and have a few more to complete.

I celebrate my own birthday this weekend at the home of one of our Soul families, the Sutphen's. Charlotte's birthday will be the reason to gather and I am so touched that they have once again so generously asked for support of Soulumination in honor of their beautiful daughter's birthday.

My birthday happens to mark the date that I met Emily and the Behren's family. King 5 news was doing a piece on the work of Soul and I asked if Emily would join me for that filming as a little birthday gift to myself. I can't tell you how this family, like the Sutphen', have done so much more for the work of Soulumination than I could have ever dreamed. Emily and her sister Mianna will be models for the trunk show that is coming up on March 1st to benefit our work. She is pictured here today modeling one of the outfits which will be available at the show.

Christina came by today to drop off photos from her latest shoot. Once again I am amazed and stunned by the talent that surrounds us. Our photographers have stepped up to the plate and deliver with beauty and devotion. Time after time they capture images of such power that yesterday after seeing the work done by Randell, Kurt and Dana, I just said right out loud with laughter and thankfulness, "I am so proud of what we are accomplishing!" Sarah and Kari have been keeping the office running beautifully and our board and Matt and Maggie meeting to further the funding of Soul.

With the increase of families, of course there is an increase in costs and we are so hopeful that we will be funded by your generosity and by some of the grantors that we are approaching. It seems that if we do the work with honor and with our heart, then things will fall into place.

I share with you the newly released photos of a baby girl that grabbed my heart the moment I walked into her room. Katherine had the most amazing ability to communicate with her eyes and eyebrows. Her parents had not arrived from work when I got to her room but her nurses encouraged me to go meet her. The way she lit up when you chatted with her and the delightful way she had of drawing you in melted me. Her parents so obviously adored her and it was an honor to be with them. Dear Katherine passed away but she remains so alive in my heart. I thank my mentor, Mark Power for introducing me to this family.

I close with much love in my heart. I send special Valentine thoughts to my daughters who are both in California right now. Thank you to Doug for my new sewing machine, he is the best gift giver! In love and peace, Lynette