Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a quick note to share some of the photos for the upcoming trunk show that will be a fundraiser for our work.  The show will be here on March 1st featuring lovely clothing for kids by Tammara Stroud and Marina Vitisovick.  Put it on your calendars as it promises to be such fun.  Our own Soul sisters, Emily and Mianna are the models for the promotion.

Thank you to Lori Sawyer and Gretchen Brennan for so warmly welcoming me to their spirituality group yesterday.  It was most meaningful to share the work of Soulumination with the young moms in attendance.
In love and peace, Lynette

A footnote: Yesterday,  the red truck was  parked out front of our building and the couch is unfortunately still there.  Doug mentioned that as Sidni left she saw that once again one of the truck owner's coworkers had placed a cushion on the precious truck, much to my relief she removed it before I was showered with another tirade.  Funny how these little things show so much about human nature