Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its been quiet here in Ballard.  We did get quite a bit of sleet and hail 2 nights ago, but things are clear and cold now.  Sarah and I are working hard to set up things so that 2008 will flow smoothly.  We have meetings most every day working toward some new ideas for fundraising, expansion of the adult legacy project and many other administrative chores that will hopefully lead to an even better Artist Sale next December, future showing of the Soulumination collection and most importantly even better service to our beloved Soul families.

We have two shoots pending and I will work with Emily and her sister Mianna for a shoot for an upcoming trunk show of the work of Tammara Stroud and her friend Marina Vitasovik.  Tammara's line of children's clothing is a big hit at the Artist Sale so with the help of my friend and supporter Maggie Nielson, we will host a trunk show of the work here with part of the proceeds benefiting Soulumination.  Emily and her sis will kindly model for us for some promo shots and you can mark you calendars for a lovely event here on Saturday, March 1 from 1 to 4.  It will be an opportunity to see the entire spring line of Baby Nouveau and support Soulumination.  Please let your friends know and in time we will ask you to RSVP as space is limited.

Sarah and I met with a lovely possible intern yesterday and we are hoping she will agree to work with us over the next 5 months.  We meet tomorrow with a possible new photographer who lives in Redmond and contacted me after the KUOW interview.  We have been hoping for some more East side shooters so this is really going to be great if she agrees to work with us.
There was a showing of Portraits of Hope on Monday up at the NWFF building on Capitol Hill but the roads were too slippery for Doug and I to make it.  There is another showing this coming Monday at the 911 Media Arts center so it will be nice to share the story of this work once again.  

I am working on gathering supplies to take the prayer flag idea to a spirituality group that I will present to next week.  This Valentine's Day marks the 3rd anniversary of the start of Soulumination with the article in People Magazine.  Volunteers will work hard to create a small gift that will go out to all of our Soul families.   I envision starting now to create prayer flags that will celebrate the lives of the Soul children and adults that will be completed for our 5th anniversary in 2010.  I am going to start at the meeting at St Joe's and set out to have people create individual flags that celebrate the spirit of loved ones that have been touched by the work of Soul, whether directly or indirectly.  I see them completed by the hundreds over the next 2 years and being sewn into amazing strings of flags that will fly over this courtyard in celebration of the spirit of the work of Soul and then they will be available to travel with the Soul Collection or to events that are appropriate to this celebration of spirit.  I will start with working with the women at this group and start to iron out kinks in the process.  I will keep you posted so that you know the size and general parameters so that you can add your own flags to the project.

I head to the cabin on Friday and will stop for a meal in Olympia with our Llewelyn who is down packing for her move back to Seattle.  She is making progress in her job quest but if you know of any possible leads in the public health field and especially at the UW that are appropriate for a recent graduate we would be so thankful if you let us know or shared her name with those in the position of hiring.  She has a dandy resume posted in the UW system.  I thank all of you who have stepped in with advice and guidance.

Today I share a photo of a beautiful baby boy that I worked with at Children's hospital in August of 06, I recently heard from his mom that he is a happy and healthy guy.  We will be sharing more of his photos on the gallery as soon as we get all his information and I hope to do some update shots soon.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette