Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I would like to open this blog with a photo of Emily N. , in tribute to her life and to the hard work that her grandma, Shirley is doing here at Soul.  She is taking on our book keeping with a passion and we are most grateful as she and Jenni are setting things up so that we will have some of the most complete and current set of books.  This will allow us to apply for grants in the near future.  Thank you Shirley and Jenni for sharing your time and talent in this most generous of ways.

I started the day yesterday by getting up at 5 am to leave our cabin in time to be home for a morning appointment.  I drove through a lovely sunrise which had the amazing full moon still in view.  I knew that I had to visit the dentist and then at noon I would have the pleasure of working with Emily B. and her sister Mianna for promo photos for the upcoming trunk show.  As I pulled in to unload my car of all the fun projects I had completed I saw that much to my chagrin an old coach was sitting on the parking strip in front of the neighboring apartment building.  If you live in industrial Ballard you have to expect some interesting happenings, but after the garbage that was left there last week I was a bit down to see an entire couch.
The time with Mianna and Emily proved to be just what I expected---so  much fun.  It is amazing to see Emily in the middle of radiation treatment just living her life and enjoying all the fun.  Her brother Nick was just as patient as can be while his sisters modeled and generally had a good time.  At the end of our shooting we enjoyed some babycakes from Cupcake Royale and as she was leaving Mianna said it was just the best day and Emily gave a big boisterous "TaDa".  I will share photos of this fun photo shoot as soon as possible.

In the early evening I had a minute to reflect on the couch and mentioned to Doug that we should call the owner of the apartments and nicely ask him to be sure it is removed.   Shortly after I clicked on my email while visiting with my dear assistant Dawnelle and preparing to go talk at 911 Media Arts about documentary photography and Soulumination.  Via email we received the sad news that we had lost another beautiful Soul child.  My heart was so sad when I heard a nasty and startling rap on the window by my desk (which since it was nearly dark outside now and you have to climb through our garden to even get to the window) it startled me and I was hesitant to pull the shade to see who would so rudely approach.  There was a man getting into a new shiny red truck, but he was yelling at me to remove the couch in such a way that I ran outside to see if he knew how to get it taken away and just what was the problem.  This fellow proceeded to call me an idiot, stupid and a fool even as I was explaining that I certainly didn't put the couch there and had no idea who did.  His anger and ire seemed to come from the fact that someone had put one of the couch cushions on his "$30k" truck,  apparently he had taken the cushion from the couch off the truck, muttered something unpleasant and thrown it hard at our building .  My husband had coincidentally seem him do this and had left a nice and polite note asking him not to throw things into our garden.  I felt shaken and violated as the man pulled away, I even feared his anger might cause him to try to knock into me with his truck.  It made me so sad to think that someone would have such misplaced anger and aggression over something so silly as an abandoned couch when I had just started to let the loss of a beautiful child creep into my heart.  I hope this man does not take his karma to a point where the truck he so cherishes is destroyed by his lack of  grace.
It was  nice  to listen to Jon Ward tell other film makers about Portraits of Hope at the 911 Media Arts center Docu Talk evening.  Our host Stuart showed the film and then let Jon tell about the making of the film and there were some very interesting questions.  I closed our portion of the presentation with stories from my heart about experiences with our families.
As I drove home I was following a vehicle with a sign that said "Life is Good."  Indeed it is, even on days when so many opposing forces are in evidence.   We had word on Friday of two new families that are losing the parents, please keep these folks in your hearts.  To the parents of angel baby R-  I  send my sincere sympathy, the loss of this child  touches all of us here at Soul.    In love and peace, Lynette