Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The ebb and flow of emotions here in this room is powerful and I feel this especially around the holidays.  The aftermath of all the celebration leaves me off balance and I spend time making little art projects and just letting the time ease the vertigo of my soul.  I have my first wedding of the year on Saturday and I look forward to the joy of such a day for this couple.
I am writing today because I met through the beautiful photos of Dana Napolean, a new family to Soul.  Their beauty radiated into my heart just a couple of days back and this morning I opened my email to find that their son had died just days after his second birthday.  I send them heartfelt sympathy and feel so thankful that this shoot happened in time to capture such a stunning child.  My thanks also to Soul mom Lisa Owen, mother of Keaton,  for introducing us to this family.   I will post Keaton's photo, (which was taken by Stephanie Cristalli)today in tribute to his lost friend.

As this new year is starting I want to take time to thank Moonphoto for their incredible generosity to the work of Soulumination.  They have made an enlargement for each Soul family, free of charge and this gift is such a treasure.  Thank you Bob and staff for your support and your caring.

Also, my gratitude to KUOW for telling our story and specifically to Megan Sukys and Jeremy Richards for their compassion.  Educating the public on the subject of loss is one of our main missions and they gave us such an honorable venue in public radio.

If you haven't taken time to read the article in the Sequim Gazette, please scroll back a couple of entries for the link.  I am still blown away by the beauty of that article.  Raves to writer Michael Dashiell for his care and attention to detail.

Finally, special hugs to my friend and now our treasured mentor, Maggie Nielson.  I can't thank her enough for sharing her knowledge and her wisdom to help Soulumination find a way to grow and improve.  With her help and the work of Matt Kochel I believe we will find our way to solid ground in the area of funding.

I close with hopes that the work of Soul is bringing light to many, in love and peace, Lynette