Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doug and I had the most wonderful evening last Friday when we welcomed Taryn and her family from California for an update of her photos.  The entire clan was in town for a ski event up at the pass and we were fortunate enough to be able to share time before and after their photos.  This members of this family are so charming and such unique individuals.  EJ and Deb should be most proud of their parenting as all four children shine in such positive ways.  Taryn is such an engaging child that she truly melts my heart.  I will share new photos as soon as they are available, for now enjoy this one from her first visit.  Don't forget the EJ will soon be featured on LA Ink with his new tattoo of Taryn.

Those of you who have known me throughout my career know that Diane has been my main assistant in my business for a long time.  She handles all the incoming calls, most of the billing, some of the numbering of prints, all the accounting and generally keeps me on target.  Last evening she walked in with stacks of fabric she had cut for the prayer flag project.  We had asked if her quilt group would take this on, but she decided to do it all herself and we are so thankful for her generous shar-
ing of her time.  Diane and my other star assistant Dawnelle are pictured here today.

Today we move forward on the project of prayer flags that we hope will be a major part of our legacy work for the coming years as we move toward our goal of having enough flags to cover this courtyard when we mark our fifth year in 2010.  Since the beginning of Soul coincides with Valentine's Day it is especially a tender time to me.  I have been busy for weeks creating my own Valentine's, something that is a yearly project for me.  The idea of celebrating our loved ones has always been a part of my
 life and I know it will be so enriching to watch this project take wings on the wind.

Another thanks to Soul grandma, Shirley.  She just finished a class in book keeping for non profits and we are so thankful for her efforts.  I always think of her work as honoring the beautiful Emily that she lost this past year.

Now I must run to get ready for the 8 hour work party.  If you would like to join us in making prayer flags today, we will be working from 1 until 8 here at the studio.  In love and peace, Lynette