Thursday, December 06, 2007

Its a very busy week here at Soul.  We have 4 new families this week, 3 children and one adult.  I am so proud to say that work is being done by talented photographers and Sarah is doing an amazing job of organizing the schedule and making the gifts for the families in the middle of all the Artist show preparations.  I have been taking a break since I am already 16 shoots over the amount I had targeted for myself for this year and I am thankful for some quiet time to replenish my soul so I can  be fully engaged when I am called out for my next Soul shoot.  I believe that Stephanie, Jodi, Sandra, Michael, Randall, Janet,  Sharlane, Susan,  and Christina have current assignments or have just completed shoots.  I am so thankful for all their dedication and hard work.

Last year right before Christmas I was called to Children's hospital for a shoot with a baby boy and his parents.  He was being taken off life support, but much to every one's surprise he lived a number of weeks longer.  I was honored to be with this family when they got to hold him for the first time.  Today the forms arrived that give us the privilege of sharing this beautiful baby.  As you can see he was a stunning little guy.

I am sharing some of the still shots from the video that Greg Johnson filmed of Chris driving for the first time.  I just feel like laughing whenever I think of the video as it was obvious that everyone was having such a good time.
We were gifted a signed Pearl Jam poster to add to the raffle basket at the artist sale by new clients of mine.  This dad happens to be a guitarist with the band and they have been most generous with this donation.  So if you are one of the millions of Pearl Jam fans the
 tickets are only $1.00 each and you can buy them on line in groups of 25 through paypal from the home page here at  We are also thankful that we will soon be listed on the bands website as a foundation to support.  I send special thanks to Ashley and Mike for their support and compassion.

I want to also thank Ballard Market for their kind donation of large bags for the artist sale.  I am a regular customer at the market and have always thought they were great on service so I was not surprised when Tammara came in with a smile saying they had given us 300 bags and will be happy to supply more if we need them.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow when both of our daughters will be home.  It was Doug and my anniversary tonight and I am thankful for 29 years of life with one patient and kind man.   I must get back to cleaning off my desk as it will be used as part of the checkout for the sale.  Cleaning is not my strong suit but for Soul I will get right to it!   I close as always,  in love and peace, Lynette