Friday, December 28, 2007

Images of love and impending loss and one amazingly strong young man are whirling in my head this morning.  I was called to Children's Hospital yesterday by Christian's mom to take some precious photos of his last days here on earth.  His room was filled with smiling faces of family and friends, every single space on each wall was covered with loving images.  His parents, grandma, brother and sister attended him with love and grace in the midst of unending sorrow.  During my visit family arrived from California, 3 aunts, an uncle and grandpa came with hugs and love to heap on this warrior.  Time will take this young man from us but his legacy will be that he touched many plus his family has raised funds for research into a cure for his cancer.  I show some of the photos today that our photographer Kurt Smith took on a day when Christian could be outside enjoying his family.  When its time for your wings Christian, you will fly on  love and compassion.

My mom called me on Christmas morning to tell me she was so surprised and happy to see an article about Soulumination on the cover of the Sequim Gazette.  My parents had told the reporter about the work when interviewing my dad about his days of horse logging.  I am always thankful when the work of Soulumination is unveiled in various medias as it keeps the education about grief and loss moving forward.

I hope the holidays brought you much warmth and many blessings.  Doug and I are enjoying his new kitten, Willi, his Christmas gift from our daughters.  Both girls headed home last night and I woke missing them but filled with such gratitude for having had the pleasure of their company.  I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette