Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I am typing with pitch stained hands that are now collecting dust in their stickiness.  It will be days before I can get the smell and the residue of amazing evergreens off of my skin, which isn't such a bad thing.  The wreaths look lovely and we learned a lot----on a rainy day such as yesterday, many people can't make it in to volunteer, plus cold and flu season dwindled our numbers to just a few of my close friends which made the time very special indeed, but we now know that we have to work over 3 or 4 days next year to produce enough and that we need many more greens.  
The day started out as many do here at Soul Ballard, with tears by the founder and laughter from the same.  Sarah had shared with me her mornings project of working with some photos from the brief life of one beautiful little boy who is the nephew of a former bride and groom.   His beauty jumped off her computer and went straight to m
y heart.  This sharing was followed by a visit with my great friend Amber who has been such a help to Soulumination from the start.  Amber has just moved into a new house with her husband and there is a photo of her sister hanging in this home.  I will be honored to meet this little girl in the photo as she died when she was 4 years old and until Soulumination formed I did not know that Amber had a sister.  These two tearful incidents lead straight into wreath making but I took a break to check the mail, as anyone who knows me understands that I LOVE getting mail and there was the balance to the sadness, a holiday card from a couple that I met at Christmas time last year, it showed them with the son they lost with a note stating that they are awaiting the arrival of a baby girl in April.  I am on cloud nine about this as I knew in working with them that they are the most amazing parents.
This morning another thrill came through an email from my friend, chef and filmmaker, Greg Johnson.  He has completed the video of dear Chris driving the golf cart.  It is such fun that I sat and cried joyfully over all the blessings in my life that come through
 the talents of my cherished friends.  Many thanks to my clients who provided the golf cart that allowed Chris to have his first driving experience.  I share a photo of Chris today from his time here with Jake Locker and Marin.

The weather has Llewelyn's boyfriend off doing National Guard duties with all the flooding.  It such a relief that this work is right here in our state as I am trying to think of ways to connect with Memo after August that will have value and meaning as he is most likely headed to Iraq.  Just writing those words makes me shake but he is one honorable young man and he is most thankful to be finishing his college degree through his service program.  I share a photo of Memo and Lew in Mexico.  When his time comes to leave for the middle East, I hope you will hold him in your hearts.
I want to thank those who participated in the wreath making, Kari for her hard work and her wonderful soup, even though she was not feeling well she did an amazing job, Ken, my landscape designer and friend for taking a day off work to create with us, Suzanne for working to help Sarah produce gifts for families and then for making that one lovely wreath, Sidni for the beautiful wreaths that she produced with speed and abandon, Monique for collecting the prettiest greens over the past weeks and for making a lovely one and purchasing 2 others and to Sarah for holding down the fort and for joining us in making a wreath at the end of the day and spearheading the clean up.  Susan and Pat Dunn  and Steve for sharing greens that made such a difference in our Soul product.  Also Lynn, Scott, my brother and his wife Diane for helping me gather the needed greens.
See you Saturday or Sunday at the Artist sale, if you can't make it please consider buying raffle tickets on line.  In love and peace and smelling of evergreens in this holiday season, Lynette