Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am back from a weekend at the cabin, refreshed and very excited about this holiday season.  Both daughters will be home soon and that would lift my spirits any time of year.  We will spend time with our extended families and dear friends, missing  my brother David who lives in Australia but sending him much love. 
Today I have the pleasure of meeting over coffee a doctor that has become a friend of mine through Soulumination.  I often see him when I am shooting on the NICU floor at Children's.  He has been a supporter of the work of this foundation and recently Sarah and I were touched by the fact that he had given a speech and the organization sent us the check for his speaking fee as a donation.  I will go to Children's after coffee to visit with Claire and snap a few photos and if Emily hasn't taken off for home I will pop in to see her smiling face.
This evening Sarah has organized a little gathering for our employees and volunteers.  Its always important to make sure our helpers are properly thanked but finding funding to do this is not always obvious.  So tonight in honor of my mom I will host the dinner myself.  My mom has wanted to volunteer herself but sadly her health has kept her at home in Sequim so it occurred to me that it would be a nice gift and tribute to her generosity if one of my gifts to her this Christmas would be to take these lovely people out to thank them in her honor.  Merry Christmas mom.  

Its always hard to draw the line at who to invite to these little gatherings, but Sarah has been hard at work gathering up little gifts that she secured through donations for many others.  She and Kari have created many handmade thank you cards as well and through out the week we will all be honoring our photographers, volunteers and helpers in many ways.  Our love and gratitude to all who touch this organization with compassion.
I would like to mention two recent contributors, Ballard Market who generously provided shopping bags for our Artist Sale and also Annie's Art and Frame who provide a lovely frame for each of our Soul children's families.  I am personally thankful since they are both in our new neighborhood and it feels so great to be welcomed to this community.  There is one other Ballard business who does so much for us, but they wish to remain anonymous so I will just put a huge hug out there and hope that the karma blesses them richly.

I am thrilled to say that we have another talented photographer who will be shooting for Soul.  Jon Ward, film maker and photographer behind our own documentary Portraits of Hope has agreed to join our staff of photographers and we are delighted.

I share today a new Soul child and her family who were recently photographed by Amy Sherrer.  Her name is Megan and you can check the gallery for her story.  This beautiful face should make your holidays a little brighter.
I close in wonder at the goodness around me, in love and peace, Lynette