Sunday, December 23, 2007

As the holy days are upon us in many ways in many religions, I feel the presence of blessings so great yet so simple.  Even though my mom called to tell me that my dad is in the hospital with the doctors watching him as they think he has had a stroke, the news is that he will be coming home soon and we will all see him tomorrow.    I know that my Llewelyn is asleep upstairs and that this evening we get to travel to the airport to pick up our Mackie .   My dad revels in the presence of his grandchildren so it will be a gift to him just in our arrival.

I  know that many of our families are struggling through the emotions of this time of celebration.  I hope and pray that they can find some peace in their hearts. Many caring bridge updates have come through that tell what the parents are feeling, how the children are doing and for those who have losses the additional heartache that this season brings with so many fond memories flooding over them.

  I am so thankful to all of you who have made the work of Soulumination possible.  Your generosity of time, talent and money have let us continue with this small kindness.  I received a most beautiful card from my friend Sydney's family.  Today marks 2 years from when Sydney sat here beside me to create her book that is now the doggie cards that support our mission.  The time passes but the memories for me are strong and the friendship so very precious.  Sydney's family has been very generous in their support and I am most thankful.  

I share photos of a most stunning new child to Soulumination.  These photos taken by Jodi Rosen and they capture such beauty.  

I close with another photo of my friend Kristin and her son Henry.   I close with my heart full and in love and peace, Lynette