Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The appreciation dinner last night in honor of my mom was really a fun evening. Sarah did a great job in putting the party together.  I am surrounded by great women who are talented, witty and compassionate.  It turned out I had photographed the wedding of our server's sister and the next large table in our room was the Queen Anne Rotary group that I had spoken to a few months back.  Its fun to see the connections of Soulumination grow and watch the intertwining of compassion in this community.  

My visit with Claire was really special and I got to enjoy her pink Christmas tree and see her in the cutest pink pjs.  She and mom Deb are doing amazingly well and have the best attitude.  Deb's wisdom and insights give me increased faith in this project and it will be a blessed day when she can join us at a work party as she will be an asset in so many ways.  I send my love to her brothers who have had to adjust to so much with Deb being in the hospital with Claire.  I will share new photos of Claire soon.  I tried to go see our pal Emily but the good news is that she was discharged after an overnight in the hospital and went home to bake cookies with her grandma.

Special thanks today to long time friends and supporters in the Dunn family and to little Harvey's family.  Your generosity makes a difference to the families we serve this week.
I share a photo that is dear to my heart today.  During the Artist sale our pal Victor stopped by with this new dog.  Vic was a little cranky about shopping so I scooped him up and took him upstairs where he nestled into Llewelyn's arms and fell to sleep.  The light falling on this duo was just so perfect.  Again congratulations Lulu on your graduation and thank you for being a safe haven not only to Vic but to all of us who know you.

Happy 50th birthday to my beloved brother David who has been such a kind Soul supporter. Hugs to my first born daughter McKenzie, she has gotten the green light on her senior project and will have her diploma soon also.  Those of you who have known about Soul from the start may remember that Mac set up our first fundraiser and handled it all herself when she was a student at Cal Poly.  I am blessed and the blessing spill over into the work of Soul.

At this time of year I keep going over in my mind the lovely angel babies in my life.  I send my love and support to their families and hope they know that meeting these children enriches my life and I know that all of our Soul photographers feel the same way.  In love and peace, Lynette