Thursday, November 15, 2007

With the losses of this week came also the sweet news for which I was so thankful: The parents of angel baby, Adam are now proud parents of a second son, Jason. I so appreciate all the help that mom Carin gave us when we were forming Soulumination. I share of photo of both Adam and Jason here today.

I had a late night out with Doug last night at the Ben Harper concert. I am a huge fan and danced the entire night but also shed some tears when he sang "Welcome to the Cruel World" and again during the encore when he sang "Masters of War". With the losses of my special friends this week and with 2 wonderful friends heading to Iraq next year, I was very moved by Ben's rendition of that classic protest song.

I want to thank today some people who have volunteered and helped in so many ways: first of all Sarah, our administrator who is invaluable, Kari, my friend and amazing helper here at Soul, Audrey, our grant writer for her patience with my organizational skills, Brenna and Pat for one incredible work party at Prep and so many other things that help here at Soul, Maureen in Montana for her help gathering fabric, Tammara for working hard to make the Artist Show a success, a magnificent board,wonderful friends and volunteers: Sidni, Sally, Joan, Suzanne, Deb, Christa, Soul board members, Maude,  Matt and Celina, all the work party volunteers and the donors who have made these past months such a success.  To all of you who have been using and now their online shopping service and naming Soulumination as your charity of choice, a huge thank you as finally I see that the numbers are starting to grow.  With each purchase made through this search engine we are receiving funds to serve our Soul families.

I have much to be thankful for: a caring and helpful husband, 2 incredible daughters, parents and in laws, and so many caring family members.  Tomorrow I wrap up my shooting for my business for 2007.  Its been an incredible year and I thank Diane, Katie, Deb and Sarah for all their help.    

Please continue to pray for Claire and for all our dear angel babies.  I will be in Mexico for Thanksgiving with Doug, Llewelyn, Memo and many of Doug's family members.  I am sorry that McKenzie will not be able to join us, but she will be up for the Artist Sale and again for Christmas.  I will finally get to meet a friend of hers that has been off fighting the wild fires of California.  It is always a pleasure to meet the people that my daughters value.  

I close as always in love and peace and thinking about the families of J-, Gabby and Bailey, Lynette