Monday, November 26, 2007

We arrived home save and sound last night after enjoying a wonderful time with family and friends at Playa del Carmen.  I love the sun and the people of Mexico so its always a good way to escape from some of the stress of daily commitments.  I missed McKenzie as she had to stay in Chico with the new restaurant needing her attention.  She will be up very soon as she is coming for the artist sale.  

When I return I make a bee line for my emails and I was touched to see that for a second time we are going to be working with the amazing Make a Wish Foundation.  I have the privilege of working with the head of this organization both as a friend and when I record his beautiful family.  It moves me to come full circle on this friendship that has roots back to my in laws college days at Whitman and connect in the work of Soulumination.

I kept up with some of the news while in Mexico and was delighted to hear that our dear Claire got a pass to go home for a few hours over Thanksgiving.  It was so moving to read that Cancer Care Alliance even provided them with the traditional holiday food.

Our grant writer, Audrey has been hard at work and today Sarah and I are meeting with our first potential grantors.  I am excited to tell about Soulumination and also very nervous.  Tonight is also the first meeting to start putting together a plan to build an endowment for the work of Soulumination.  There is much to be hopeful for but also so much hard work ahead.

We are hosting one final work party to make prayer flags before the sale, it will be here at my studio this Thursday from 10 to 5.  We would welcome hard workers, especially those who are skilled at sewing or at artfully decorating the flags.  Please call Sarah to let us know you can come---206-297-0885.

Keep shopping via and their Goodshop portion as each time you buy through this site and name Soulumination as your nonprofit of choice we receive a portion of the sale.  There is no added cost to you and its a great way for us to build up the funding for our mission.

While I was gone, my friend Stephanie Cristalli completed another shoot for Soul.  The photos are outstanding and I am so proud of the work we are offering to our families.  Hopefully the family will sign releases so that I can share this child with the world.

I am sharing photos today from the work party that was hosted by Brenna and her mom Pat at Seattle Prep.  These shots were taken by Marcellina Tylee and we are most grateful for her work.
I close as always in love and peace, Lynette