Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Today's news has me feeling such a sorrow as we have lost three amazing little girls. The news came after a long but rewarding day of shooting and I just couldn't believe my eyes. I have so much to be thankful for and not the least of which is getting to know such amazing children, so these losses are heartbreaking.

We met the sweetest Tay Sachs child when my dear friend Sarah Mattingly went to photograph her on the East Coast. I was so thrilled to meet her and her family when I visited the NTSAD family conference this spring. Gabby was a beauty and was surrounded by love. Sarah will most likely be at her memorial and I send much love from all of us at Soul. You can see Sarah's lovely photos of Gabby here today.

The day I met Bailey was filled with so much laughter and sharing and fun. Her family came here to the studio and it took two trips to get them all here. Bailey was quite the star and really knew how to work a camera. Her spark and spirit were grand and her three siblings and parents shared a charm and appeal that caused you to feel a part of something special when you were with them. Not long after I met this dynamic group I was working down at the Locks with clients when I heard my name being called, there was Bailey with her entire family and a group of cousins, it was Bailey's first outing after a long stay in hospital. I excused myself for a few minutes from my work and was able to grab a few shots of the extended family. When I got the news of this loss, I immediately thought of that moment and am trying to just savor the love and energy this dynamo brought into the world.

The third little angel was so achingly sweet. I met her when I popped in to visit my mentors at Palliative Care at Children's Hospital. I had just finished a Soul shoot and thought I would just take a minute to say hello. A new social worker, Fiona told me she thought maybe we should try to grab a few shots of this little jewel as we had tried numerous times to schedule a shoot with her family but had not been able to connect and things were not looking so good for her. As we entered J's room I was struck with her look of peace combined with a sad knowing. In a few minutes she was giving me some shy smiles. She was alone that day and just a week and a half later we were finally able to schedule a time with her family and Sharlane did an incredible job of capturing the group. J- had been given the honor of naming her baby sister and it is so evident that she adored this sister. This tender angel will continue to be a source of inspiration as she had such a beautifully ethereal nature.

If you would like to help make the artist sale a success there are a number of ways to help out. We will need cookie donations, if you are the baking type please call 297-0885. We are making some amazing green wreaths, if you will be trimming any beautiful evergreens from your gardens and are willing to share, especially things that are a little out of the ordinary we would love to have those contributions. We will be working on them on December 3rd so the Friday before would be great for drop off or even that morning, again you can call in to let us know. You can easily send a message from this site also. We would appreciate your help.

As I am winding down my season of work and leave for Mexico this Saturday I will carry the beauty of these three in my heart and as tears fall I know I will be forever gifted by having known them. In love and peace, Lynette