Monday, November 12, 2007

Its a hectic week since its my last official week of shooting for my business for this year. I was lucky enough to squeeze in one last mushrooming trip before going to Mexico as well as events this past week to benefit Low Income Housing, Children's Hospital and an evening honoring Women of Influence hosted by Puget Sound Business Journal. 4 longterm clients and friends were honored that night and I was so inspired and realized that in listening to the work of the honorees one can feel like an underachiever Congratulations to my friends, Mimi Kirsch, Tricia Raikes, Julie Calhoun Larson and Tricia McKay, truly influential and supportive women.

I am delighted that Leo Lam was called out this weekend to do a Soul shoot and has sent me a sneak preview. His work is truly charming and I am so excited to share a couple of his photos here today. Its easy to see that Amber and her family had a wonderful time with Leo.

I get to share a new Soul baby. This little girl just knocked me out when I visited her at Children's on October ninth. Her parents were so much fun and such loving people with a flair for creating some lovely keepsakes from their visit at Children's.
Alija will have her bio up soon on our website so for now I will share her wonderful face. I felt like she and I had such a sweet connection and I
think of her often. This little trooper has been doing amazingly well and we wish her the best.

Please keep our friend Claire in your hearts and prayers. She is moving through her transplant issues and it seems there are many challenges. She is one strong little girl and your care will be so appreciated.

There is much to be done with the upcoming Artist Sale as a group of my artist friends will be adding some amazing green wreaths. I have a new wreath making crimper and I can foresee that we will have some beautiful wreaths available. We will have one more day long work party to make prayer flags. If any of you would like to attend we will work from 9 to 5 on November 29th here at the studio in Ballard. We will be needing help that day so please call Sarah at 206-297-0885 if you can attend.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette