Thursday, November 29, 2007

I woke early this morning thinking about supporters coming over to make prayer flags today.  Thanks to Kari the room is all ready for the volunteers, if you'd like to join us we would love to have you.  The tradition of sending prayers out to the world on the wind is one that warms my heart.  I show today some prayer flags that our Soul photographer and dear friend, Kurt Smith took on his recent trek in Nepal.  Our flags have more whimsy and we are just building this legacy, but I think if you come to the sale on the 8th and 9th you will see that they have something equally precious about them, especially since they are created by loving hands.

I am going off to our cabin again for just a couple of days with my friend Patrice.  We will hunt for more delicious wild mushrooms that I so enjoy sharing with my friends.  We will also cut greens for the wreaths we will be making on Monday for the Artist Sale.  If you have prunings of unusual or special greens that would be good accents, please consider donating them to us, you can call 297-0885 about how and where to drop them off.  We are not looking for quantity of greens, just lovely pieces to finish off the work of the artists who will be creating these for Soul.  

The time at the cabin truly fills my soul with peace and I will take the beads to make a few more bead angels that will be my contribution to the sale.  Lulu and I just have a few more to make of the ornaments that she will be selling.  It was precious time to work with her on them in Mexico.

I am enchanted by the poetry book I mentioned in my last blog and want to share another little poem with you:

Each time I go outside the world
is different.  This has happened all my life.

by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser.

Somehow in all the hustle of this month, Sarah forgot to remind me to sign the lovely handmade birthday cards we send to each Soul family.  So late last night I sat down and signed all to them, I was glad to do it but truly saddened by how many of the November birthday children we had lost.  Please take time in this short life of ours to see the difference and the magic in this world.  In love and with huge hopes for peace in your life and in Iraq, Lynette