Monday, November 05, 2007

I have spent the past few days at our cabin and have arrived home to the wonderful news that Claire is coming off the vent and Emily had a great time as a black cat this Halloween. I was delighted to get an email from Victor's family announcing the arrival of Victor's new dog, Bernie who will be his special helper. I will take some photos during December of Victor and his pal and will share them with all of you.

It was such a fabulous time at the cabin and I came home 'wealthy' in mushrooms and have been giving them away to wonderful friends. The chantrelles were so beautiful and golden in the woods, but the true fun came when Patrice and I came upon some prized matsutakes. We laughed as we trudged out of the forest dripping wet from head to toe with fir needles lodged in our soaking hair. We were tired and cold but delighted with the idea that we were like the truffle pigs, rooting around and crawling through the dense underbrush. I have already shared with half a dozen friends and have enough to share with more tomorrow. Ah, the simple joys gleaning are so wonderful. Of course it made it all so much more special that my dear daughter Llewelyn came and joined in the chantrelle escapade and left with 2 full bags.

We are very busy with preparations for the artist sale. The raffle basket is set up on display here at the studio and its is filled with lovely items. Tickets are only $1.00 and of course all sales benefit Soul exclusively. I hope you will join us for this sale as it promises to be stocked with lovely items and to have many lovely gifts that are truly affordably priced. I need to take some time to photograph the work that McKenzie, Llewelyn and I will be creating for the show as well as the grabbing some shots of the raffle basket. I guess the mushroom hunter has to get back to work.

We had 2 Soul shoots scheduled for this weekend so I will update you all on those once I have time to chat with Sarah tomorrow. We are having a board meeting tomorrow night and I look forward to introducing our future board member, Brenda Wagner, who will be joining us specifically to promote the work with adults. Our featured guest will be Matt Kochel, Soul dad, who will be presenting his ideas for a capital campaign. This will be the first meeting with our new officers in place and it will be nice to have Lori running the show.

Thank you to the residents of Ballard who are offering their hydrangeas for the wreath project, I think that can hope to sell $1000 worth before the artist sale which is so helpful to the work of Soul. Again my sincere thanks to Brenna and Pat Fallon and to all the helpers at the work party at Seattle Prep.

With everything so busy it took me a whole day to complete this. So now todays news: Claire and her brother are on the front page of the local news section of the Seattle Times. Its a great story so please check it out.

We had a most amazing board meeting, the best ever with Lori Sawyer at the helm and Matt Kochel presenting his idea for a major campaign to possibly start an endowment and future board member Brenda Wagner attending. Brenda will be coming on board in January to head up the adult part of our mission. Matt will be forming a strategy committee to start working toward funding, if you know of anyone who would like to help with this please contact us.

I got to see lovely images taken by Amy Sherrer and Jodi Rosen for Soulumination. We are well and truly blessed by the amazingly talented shooters who represent Soul.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette