Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blessings come each day in many forms.  Yesterday we had a visitor from a small foundation that is considering giving us a grant in the future.  Cassandra arrived to tell us about the foundation, to hear about what we do and to hear what we had to say about a favorite nonprofit of ours:  Teens in Public Service.  The time Sarah and I spent with Cassandra caused me to cry many tears over the sorrow I feel at the losses of the dear children and parents of Soul, but truly she brought an opportunity to tell how our work has grown and in doing so it let me once again see how we are being given a blessed gift in getting to know, however briefly, such amazing people.  As she left I knew that somehow our 2 organizations will touch each other and we will become stronger through our interaction.
As I walked Cassandra to the gate the mail arrived with a lovely donation from Emma's grandparents.  I had the pleasure of meeting them at the NTSAD family conference last year.  Their note was so beautiful that we will treasure their kindness and use their donation for serving one of the next two children that Sarah is currently scheduling.
Later in the afternoon a call came from the sister of my friend Julie Becker.  She is sending a donation to help us get the adult legacy portion of Soulumination moving ahead.  Her donation will be matched by her employer and we will be excited to serve our two pending adult shoots with her help.  Julie's two great friends, Brenda and Kelly are stepping into rolls here at Soulumination, with Brenda being our added to the board at the first of the year and hopefully Kelly shortly after.
Last night was our first meeting to start strategic planning for finding consistent funding for Soulumination and all the growth we are experiencing.  This meeting was put together by Soul dad Matt and it was perfect.  We have lots to do to get a plan up and running, but each person in attendance offered such insight and such expertise that I left feeling totally uplifted.  My heartfelt thanks to Amy for offering her home and such a lovely meal.  To those in attendance, you have earned the tiny angel wings you wear.  Thank you Matt Kochel, Mark Hamby, Brenda Wagnor, Susan and Pat Dunn,  Amy Humphries and Steve Peterson.
I also received a gift in the mail from a longtime client and friend.  She sits on the board of Copper Canyon Press and sent me a little book by Jim Harrison:  I share a tiny poem that knocked me out:
"You told me you couldn't see
a better day coming,
so I gave you my eyes."
Thank you Sarah for sharing your eyes and for reminding me that I also can share mine.
Today I share images of Emma and Julie.  In love and peace, Lynette