Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yesterday I was in the middle of client shoots at the Locks when Sarah called from the office to let me know that we had a Soul shoot that needed to be completed in the next few hours at Children's. Sarah had tried booking one of the other Soul shooters but had no luck at such short notice. Now, I have committed to a total of 50 Soul shoots per year and have already completed 64, with a full day laid out ahead of me so I was not really being very congenial about rearranging everything to fit a trip to Children's into my day. We started calling my new clients that had the 3pm shoot and asked them to move to later in the day and they we most gracious. I arrived at the hospital and as soon as I entered the room I realized that I was right where I was meant to be. I felt so smitten by this 3 month old 'puddin' that I couldn't have imagined being anywhere else. As I type this blog I know that my new tiny friend is in surgery. I am so hopeful that this little person with a vibrant personality will be heading home soon. She was such a cute baby that I left with a huge smile on my face, raced to Emily's room to say a brief hello and then on to Clarie's room for another brief stop. Claire is pictured above.) I came home through annoying traffic in the UDistrict and was of course a bit late for my new clients who were so kind in their approach to my being late. I am feeling today that the whole shoot came my way to show me that when the opportunity arises to do a small kindness that instead of being hesitant because of a busy schedule I need to just arise to the occassion and make some sacrifices to futher this mission.

My friend and our wonderful volunteer, Kari is hanging the hydgrangea wreaths that are finished. They are up in my studio and are really so lovely. My thanks to all of you who helped gather and assemble these beautiful pieces. We sold 4 today and have more hydrangeas to work with so that we will continue to have a nice selection. Please stop by if you are interested in purchasing, its a good idea to call ahead, 206-297-0885.

We have a Soul photographer out now working with a another new baby at Children's. We are thankful for Janet's willingness to work at a moments notice. We currently have 3 pending shoots as well as my visit to Children's on Friday to get shots of Claire on transplant day. I hope to visit briefly on Friday with the mom of the feisty preemie that I worked with two weeks ago. She is hanging tough and I am not surprised as she was the most interactive little one that I have seen---letting us all know her wants through sheer will power.

I will see some of you at the prayer flag work party on Monday starting at 6pm. "Adults"(14 and up) only at these parties, but I will soon try to schedule an art/work night for children and their parents. We continue to need help cutting paper to size for many projects, if you would like to volunteer, please email or call. In love and peace, Lynette