Monday, October 08, 2007

What a wonderful day its been. As always there are many ups and downs, but I really want to remember all the blessings in my life and all the incredible friends, supporters and a family who always stands strong and loves me for all the craziness I bring.

I enjoyed a most wonderful lunch today with my friends Lisa and Sandi, both have been so kind and so helpful and we are now working toward a fundraiser at Lisa's house in Sammamish later in the winter after the holidays. It was so sweet to tell about our latest Soul adult shoot and have Lisa realize that her good friend is very close with this family. Sandi is our close contact to the Huskies since her husband is the offensive coordinator. Sandi and I both marvel at the overall goodness and grace of Husky quarterback, Jake Locker. The sales of Husky Nation continue and each sale brings funds to support our mission. After lunch Lisa drove to her good friends home to share some lovely hydrangeas with Soulumination.

At 3 pm we had a nice little work party here at the studio to create wreaths for the sale. I was joined by a close friend of mine who is a nurse at Children's, a Soul grandma, a new Soul mom who is mother of Christian pictured here today to open the blog, my neighbor/friend Julie and her daughter Maxine and we were graced by a visit from Carolyn and her young artist son Grant who came bearing hydrangeas. We had a most unusual visitor today, a young woman named Anna who was just standing outside my gate as I unloaded the hydrangeas that Lisa had procured for us today. Anna explained that she was just in the neighborhood visiting a friend and had read about me on the website and was just passing by. She helped me carry in the flowers and went right to work helping on the wreaths. We hope she will join us next Monday for a prayer flag work party. We all chuckled afterwards and commented on the fact that around this mission, help just seems to appear.
Speaking of appearing, we are all most grateful to those who are bringing the needed hydrangeas. Whoever you are and I know there are many of you, keep them coming and know that your are helping in such a sweet and beautiful way. We now have wreaths ready for sale, they are really lovely and would make a nice gift or would grace a home in a festive way. The price is $45 for a large and $35 for the slightly smaller style. They can be purchased now or will be available at the artist sale in December

Keep dear Claire in your prayers as she enters the hard stages of the chemo before her transplant on Friday. Remember also another red-head, Emily as she is still in hospital, Jessica as she battles forth in Arizona and all the others who are trying to make their way. Hold Christian tight in our prayers also and I am most honored to have met his beautiful mom today. The photos of Christian were taken by my great friend, Kurt Smith.

I close tonight thinking of the parents of Soul who have had recent losses, my heart breaks a little bit each time I recall the faces of these dear children, but I will move forward knowing that they were totally loved. In love and peace, Lynette

If you would like to join this coming work party on Monday or future work parties, please email or call here at Soul: 206-297-0885. Our current wish list is to have more hydrangeas and quilting weight cotton prints for the prayer flags. We also need volunteers who are willing to do some careful cutting to start assembling the needed papers to make our lovely Sydney cards, seed cards, and trifolds.