Sunday, October 28, 2007

Todays blog will be short and helpful to the work of Soulumination. With the growing number of requests we have to be mindful of funding. We are working hard to be ready for the December artist sale and we will be outling plans for funding at our next board meeting with the help of Matt Kochel. For now I ask that you consider this simple way of helping us:

You all know about from my many reminders to use it as your search engine. I can tell by the numbers that some are but many must find it not so convenient. I am asking that as holiday shopping approaches that you go back to and click on the box that says Goodshop. If you are signed up with Soulumination and you click from Goodsearch to this box it will let you shop on line and give us a kickback. Its rather amazing the number of places that are participating: Gap, Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, Zappos, EBay,, Target, Best Buy, Travelocity, Petsmart, Old Navy, Home Depot, Nike, Kodak, Macy's and soon Amazon. Now I think that everyone of you must shop on line from time to time. Please consider this, it takes a click into, sign up for Soulumination, then click into the goodshopping area and choose the store. Simple...Easy....and no cost to you. Our families would be most appreciative.

I received an update from Claire's dad today and she is making some nice progress.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette