Friday, October 12, 2007

Just a quick update as I am leaving very early today, but wanted to let you know that today is Claire's transplant day and that I will be taking photos this afternoon to commemorate this big step. Her brother goes in early this morning for the procedure to harvest the marrow, then it is transported to Fred Hutch for double washing and back to Children's for the transplant. I start off the day with 4 family shoots, the last one being with Courtney, our dear friend and Soul child and her family. After taking photos of Claire, I am going to try to pop in to see Emily again and then on to meet Christian and from there to see the feisty preemie baby and give her mom a birthday hug.

I am so excited with the photos taken by first time Soul shooter, Janet Klinger. The images are truly lovely and we are very thankful for her prompt response and her very astute questions after the shoot. There is so much to learn in this work and we are all trying to make our way to serving each family in the best way possible.

Sarah, our adminstrator and I met with Matt the father of the beautiful twins that I worked with in August. Matt has worked up some ideas for making sure that Soulumination has enough funds to be rock solid for future families. In his grief, Matt has graciously reached out and offered help and support for our mission. I am most honored and thankful for his caring.

We are still happy to receive hydrangeas and would love more quilting weight cotton prints for prayer flag making this Monday and from then until the artist sale in December. If you have pretty fabrics that you know are not going to used in your future projects, we would love to convert them into prayer flags to fund our work here at Soul. I am so touched, that Montana photographer and good friend of Barry's is sending fabric. It delights me that in the craft projects we are blessed with many loving hands helping in so many ways. The wreaths are a steady seller and I am delighted and try to make a new one each day.

I am off to our cabin after working at the hospital and am so looking forward to some quiet time in the woods. I am hopeful of good weather for Sunday so that my husband Doug can bring his dad to meet Kari and I to go get wild mushrooms and have a day truly away from the city. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette