Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Its been a week that has my stomach tied in knots as I take some time to reminiese about the children that we have lost recently and the ones that are currently struggling. Add to that the fact that we had to do a projected budget for grant applications and its sometimes hard to find that warmth and light. Then I take a deep breath and try to remember that doing the right thing isn't always easy and that things have gone well for us from day one, so I will concentrate on the love that the families share so freely and take the steps to get recharged even though I miss my small friends.

We had a most rewarding board meeting tonight and I am proud to announce that Lori Sawyer is our new president, Randell Walton and Aaron Berenstein are co-vice presidents in charge of finance and programs and Deb Eberhardt is our newest member and secretary. Mark Hamby is graciously continuing with us and offers such great insight and I will continue as the founding director. In January we will hopefully welcome Brenda Wagner to the board to take on the task of leading the expansion of our work with adults. I am proud and honored to be surrounded by such wise and warm people.

Please keep my pals Emily, Claire and Jessica

in your hearts as they each are experiencing many medical issues. Claire is now in hospital on chemo preparing for her bone marrow transplant next week. Jessica is home in Arizona and she is trying to gain some footholds. Emily is fighting off an infection and is currently at Children's. I hope she will be able to return home soon.

Last nights prayer flag work party was truly amazing, with Soul moms Lisa and Denise in attendance and many other caring women. Denise and Lisa are both so very special and to have them with us was a blessing. We completed a total of 52 sets of flags and they are really fabulous. We will have them for sale at the artist show in December and after that on line. They will retail for $18 for a set of 5 and will be wonderful gifts. I am showing a couple of snaps from last night. Know that if you purchase a set that all the money will go to further the work of Soulumination. Of course you could always call and we can mail you some before December. If you order 3 sets the price is $45, with appropriate shipping costs.

I need to get back to wreath production and the night is slipping away. Please continue to bring hydrangeas by 5201 11th Ave NW. I need just pretty colored heads to make the wreaths and if you have other pods or suitable items for wreath making I would likely be interested. I dream that someone with one of those amazing peegee hydrangeas with be alerted to my wishes and will drop off that amazing variety. I am determined to work to make enough money so that all families that inquire can be assured of a lovely photo legacy.

I close thinking of Barry and his family. I send them my heartfelt sympathy while honoring that special boy. In love and peace, Lynette