Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I had the most amazing weekend and it was capped off with one very productive work party last night. On Friday, I had shoots for my business in the morning and then Sarah joined me at Children's hospital with the foundation's camera in hand to record this very special visit. We started out on floor three with a quick visit with Claire's mom, who hugged us and told us that the bone marrow was not back from the Hutch yet, so we went to see Christian and his family. We bumped into our spiritual advisor and friend Mark Power on the way and we got to see Christian's entire family but couldn't enter the room as they are in isolation and dear Christian was fast asleep. We also crossed paths at his room with one of the talented social workers from Providence Hospice.

From Christian's room, we visited Emily and family who had been moved down a floor. We got the great news that Emily is again in remission. She is most likely home now and will have a break in her chemo for about a week. She was her usual amazing self and she and her sister modeled lovely hats for us. Sarah caught the photo of the girls and I posted here. Emily really lit up when her little brother, Nick entered the room with her dad. Emily shared even more great news--- she is getting a new playground in her own yard, compliments of Make a Wish. Don't you just love that organization? Mianna says I can come play with them on their new slide but only if I bring cupcakes, so we have a deal.

We had a lovely stop in the NICU, where we saw my little friend who is fighting on in the battle to gain ground to go home. Sarah had the last of the Soul family gifts to deliver so it was fun to actually be there in person. I send my best wishes to that tiny girl as she moves forward in her journey.

We raced back to
Claire's room when we heard that the marrow had arrived. It is always a busy floor at Children's in the SCCA wing so we quickly donned our gear and got to work recording the momentous occasion. I was literally light headed as I looked at the bag of bone marrow, then to Sam, the brother who so valiantly gave that marrow. Plus Claire's entire family is just so wonderful and her older brother Braedon is a budding comedian, mom Deb so radiant in her love, the grandparents that are picture perfect, an aunt who is just as pretty and kind as her sister Deb and of course, dad Mike who is the rock solid man with that absolutely proud father manner. We had brought Claire a set of prayer flags and I was just moved beyond works as Deb beamed and said she had a gift for us. I cry as I try to put into words the beautiful framed piece of art work created on this momentous day by Claire. We are pictured together as she is working on another masterpiece. The other photo shows Deb sharing the flags with Claire. It was just one afternoon that I will never forget.

I left Children's with so many feelings of love and headed toward Olympia in nightmarish traffic to have dinner with my daughter Llewelyn and her boyfriend Memo. I was exhausted after such a day, but their young faces so full of promise just gives you such a feeling of hope. I had a wonderful time hearing about their seminars at Evergreen as soon I hope to be a student there myself. I have to find time to fill out that application and get my transcript, but have high hopes of getting through that process soon. I felt I had to move on toward the cabin in a bit hasty manner as I was feeling that need for a good nights sleep. The drive up to the cabin has that special feeling of relaxation and it was so wonderful to light a fire and just hop into bed.

The rest of the weekend I spent with my dear friend Kari. We hunted chanterelle mushrooms and had fantastic success. We were joined on Sunday by my husband Doug, his dad (one of my great friends), Llewelyn and Memo and all the deer hunters in the Shelton area. So we hastily retreated from hunting lands to an area where hunting is not allowed where Kari found the mother lode of chanterelles. The time not spent hunting shrooms was spent gathering greens and I made the first holiday wreaths for the Soulumination Artist sale just to see how my new machine worked. We will have lush and intersting green wreaths for sale soon as I love the machine and I have such wonderful friends to help.

Last night was our second prayer flag making party and

we were joined by many people who touch my heart. We had one of my bride friend's in attendance for her first time and I was delighted to hear that she is expecting a daughter at Christmas time. We had her friends with us who are new to Soul as of August and I am so moved that this mom and grandma found there way here through all the sadness to give back in such a pure manner. A future Soul mom was here with the neighbor and she announced that she is getting married after the first of the year. Of course my dear friend Sidni was in attendance and was leading the workers with her gentle manner and expertise. Sidni brought our friend Sharon, whose husband and son were gracious enough to take time out of their evening to bring us a second ironing board.Friends of Sydney Coxon, Babs and her daughter Maddie came and here amazingly productive. We were working with fabric that was supplied by Babs and a photographer friend in Montana. Maureen, not only sent fabric, but she is gathering more and she purchased three sets of flags. Of course we had a nurse from Children's who is now our Monday volunteer and dear supporter of Soul, she brought her niece who turned out to be quite the artist. We usually have a least one member of the Fallon family and last night was no exception. Pat came and brought her friend Stephanie who turned out to be the perfect person to beautifully package the finished flags. Pat's daughter, Brenna will be in today as she is our trusted intern who is organizing a big work party to finish the seed cards and the Sydney cards up at Prep and Pat's husband who is our hydrangea angel also made a trek over from Capital Hill to bring a needed device for cutting the fabric. Our own Sarah was sewing away and taking photos that I will put up later today. Sarah brought her sister who fit in perfectly. Sarah has been such a gift to the work of Soul, I couldn't be more pleased with all her efforts. We ended the night with everyone graciously cleaning up so that I can be ready for todays first shoot at 9 AM.

We have a number of pending shoots that will be booked in the next days and we will proudly carry all the love and support of this community to the families. I close here in my new pj's, waiting for Doug to awaken to thank him for not being too irritated when I came to bed at midnight only to be back up at 4:30. I am blessed to have this man in my life. I close as always in love and peace, Lynette