Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am just back from a much needed visit with my oldest daughter, McKenzie. She is now living in Chico, California and being with her and having the added bonus of sunny skies was such a refreshing escape from this busy life in Seattle. I spent hours walking around Chico gathering beautiful pods for wreaths and just basking in the joy of spending time with Mac and meeting her friends and also taking photos of a beloved cousin and his family as he wages his own battle against cancer.

We have been so blessed by two generous donations in memory of Molly and Joseph Sawyer, the twins of our board President, Lori Sawyer. Dear Lori has been such a gift to the work of Soulumination and we all just love her spirit of thoughtfulness. One donation was from her mother and the other a surprise from her husband. This type of support gives me such a feeling of caring and serves to lift me to continue to move forward even when sorrow starts to push me off balance.

We have heard that the Bishop Fleet Foundation is supporting us for a third year in a row. I am most grateful for this loyalty and I promise my friend Chris Birkeland who spearheaded this giving that we will use the money to honor more familes and to work hard to always offer the best service possible.

I am delighted to report that
dear Emily is doing well and that Claire is also even though its a struggle. Some of Claire's counts are making a nice turn for the better. Considering all that these two have gone through, I think of them as heroes. I share photos today that I took when we visited on Claire's transplant day. Once Emily has her new 'Make a Wish" slide I will visit with those requested cupcakes and share more photos.

Also, fabulous news came via email that Sarah, my husband's bowling partner won a gold medal in the Special Olympics. No one deserves that medal more than Sarah. I will try to get a photo of Doug and Sarah burning up the alley the next time they are together. I am sharing a photo today of Sarah that that was taken at our Movie Party recently showing her doing another favorite activity, which is exploring the world of medical apparatus. I delight in Sarah's way of relating to this crazy world and am so blessed to call her my friend.

We have four new families that are being served by Sandra Coan, Jodi Rosen, Randell Walton, and Amy Scherrer. I realize that each of our photographers have done so much for so many. Each gracefully sharing their talent while doing this work gracefully and with no pay. The miracle of this kindness does not escape notice. I realize that so many give so much to make Soulumination a reality.

We hope to soon share our photos at a little show at the Sandpoint Community United Methodist Church and we have early word that we will be getting a call from a trustee at Children's about mounting a show at this very special hospital who has introduced us to so many amazing families, a place where my sister and I were so well treated as babies.

I close thinking of the milestones reached by many of our Soul kids and of the angels we have loved and lost. My heart is full with all the blessings and all the accompanying sorrow. Each day brings much to remind us that life is not easy but it is so full of goodness. In love and peace, Lynette