Wednesday, October 31, 2007

At this time of All Soul's and Day of the Dead I am thinking of many souls that have moved me in ways that continue to unfold. Blessings to our Soul families today, those whose loved ones are now passed and to those who are fighting to remain with us

I wanted to share some amazing words from a doctor that I have admired from the day we first met. His words and a gift from my dear friend Julie Becker through the loving sharing of Kelly McNelis made yesterday a very special day for me:

I have worked in almost a dozen newborn intensive care units and nowhere
else have I seen such a needed and valued serve as that provided by
Soulumination.  I can safely say that Soulumination should be considered
a standard of care in the newborn Intensive Care unit environment,  I
simply cannot imagine practicing in our unit at Children’s without having
(Soulumination) available as a resource. ~ Dr. David Loren

In love and peace, Lynette