Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today at noon I will visit Children's Hospital to meet a new baby girl that we have had on our radar for the past week. She comes to us from some kind person who knows me through my daughters' soccer careers. I am not sure who this person is, but I am so touched that once again my daughters have a part in guiding Soul.

I had the pleasure of seeing the work of our new photographer, Sharlane. Her photos from her first shoot are really outstanding and we were so thrilled to see that instead of eight photos, there were many, and that they were beautiful. I commend her for her calm and steady shooting when it was such an emotional first shoot for us.

We are moving forward in the area of grant writing and are laying the groundwork for an audit that will allow us to apply to many more foundations than in the past. It is a big expense for our little organization, so I am hoping it will pay off in many ways. We find that doors open at the most opportune times and I must have faith that this will continue as this month is our biggest for individual
requests. When I visit conferences, like Tay Sachs or Camp Agape, the number of families we serve skyrockets, but this month we see such a growth in the one-on-one shoots that we are just hopping here in Ballard. I share snapshots of Audrey and Shirley, who are leading our grant-writing efforts.

Tammara is working so hard to ensure a successful artist sale on December 8 and 9. Maude has designed lovely postcards and if you are not on the mailing list for this, please call 297-0885 and we can add you, as there will be many new artists and, like last year, there are very affordable gift items for holiday giving.

Besides my own bead people creations, and the Soul products of seed cards and prayer flags, I am hoping to make wreaths for the show with the help of my daughter Llewelyn. I am asking that you share any hydrangeas that might be ripe for cutting right now. Wreaths have always been a part of my life since a childhood win in an ornament contest on the beloved Stan Boreson show. I recently made one that is hanging on our gate and hope that I can gather up enough hydrangeas to make many more to sell for our mission. If you have any to share, you can drop them at our studio at 5201 11th Avenue Northwest. Calling ahead would be nice, but even bags of them dropped over the metal gate would be appreciated. I don't need long stems, just lovely colors.

I hope to attend the Port Townsend film festival this Friday, to be there with Jon and Laura Ward for the showing of Portaits of Hope. Port Townsend inspired much of my work with Soul, as it's the home town of baby Janus and so important a town in the lives of the Johnsons and therefore my niece, Lanie, who along with Janus inspired Soulumination. I hope my parents and their friends from Sequim can join me as it's kind of amazing to see Jon's work on the big screen.

With much sorrow, I close with the sad news
that we lost one amazing little boy this week. I had so enjoyed this charmer when I met him and had such hopes that his life would be long, but sadly the news came yesterday that his earthly time has ended. Please send caring thoughts to his devoted parents. I will carry his essence and that of dear Hailey and Brandon with me today when I meet another lovely child, as I so loved getting to know these three and I am very saddened by their recent passings.

Its very hard
to share more grief, but I just opened my email before leaving for the hospital and we have lost another angel, dear Katelyn in Louisiana. I am so thankful to Jeremy Leffel for traveling to work with her family. She is indeed a beautiful angel. In love and peace, Lynette