Sunday, September 09, 2007

There could not have been a more beautiful day, a more emotional gathering than what we hosted here today. As I think of the amazing people and the hearts that connected I am in awe of how things evolve with this work. It will take a number of days to for me to settle down and be able to communicate fully about the power of the event. You can see two wonderful Soul girls, Channon and Emily reviving a little friendship that they started last year at a Husky Nation photo shoot. The girls are shown with Em's sister, Mianna and Em's mom Collette. The beautiful photos posted here tonight were taken by my dear friend Kurt Smith. I am so thankful that he brought his camera as I was too overwhelmed to be shooting effectively today. I know we will have some wonderful photos also from Michael Good.

Special thanks to Deb and Char Eberhardt. Deb really orchestrated the day and did so with grace and amazing organization. She was joined in the set up and take down by her husband who was just great. I am so honored to say that Deb will be taking a seat on the Soulumination board. Also thank you to our own Sarah and her husband Steve, to Kari and to all the board members and volunteers who made today possible.

This photo is of board member Mark Hamby, chatting with Sarah who runs this office and is one amazing manager for Soul.

The next photo shows our lovely Charlotte and her mom Angie. Char came a with a lovely entourage and stayed most of the afternoon. Of course admirers were flocked around her side the entire time since she and Victor are the stars of the movie.

The final photo for tonight is of some of the Soul images that graced the courtyard.

I want to honor all the grandparents that came today and send a special hug to my parents for making the long trek over from Sequim. A very happy birthday to my dad who I will see again in a week to celebrate with a mushrooming trip to the Olympics accompanied by a number of my cherished friends. To share today with the exchange student from New Zealand who stayed with our family in 1967-68 was just perfect.

I thank those who donated today from the bottom of my heart. It is so incredible to think that we can keep moving ahead. A hug to Susan, Brandon's mom, who drove down from Vancouver today and to the parents of Lillian and Lauren. To see these wonderful parents connect with others that have lost children was a sacred happening. My absolute appreciation to Jon and Laura for creating such a film and to Ryan who spent so much time and heart creating his own video piece to commemorate this day.

For now my eyes are stinging with tears and I will continue thank yous and post photos throughout the next weeks. In love and peace, Lynette