Sunday, September 02, 2007

A new month, a new week and I am so full of thoughts with the losses of last week combined with the joy of the wedding I photographed last night. It was a Buddhist ceremony and the priest touched my heart when he mentioned that life is a journey from head to heart. The beautiful and joyful couple told me after their ceremony that the first act as a married couple in Buddhist ceremonies is to do an act of charity and that they will be donating to the work of Soulumination. I am so deeply touched by their kindness.

It is just one week until the film party and I hope to see many of you then. Please know that this event is by goodwill donation and that everyone will be welcome regardless of the size of the donation. We are just thankful for your participation and we wil use each dollar to honor the children and adults of Soulumination. Posting a photo today taken by Jon Ward, the film maker during the filming of the movie.

We received a disc of stunning photos taken by Jeremy Leffel of a precious still born child. I thank him profusely for his loving heart as his work radiates thoughtfulness and beauty. Christina Mallet did a beautiful job with a living memorial service last week also. We are almost ready to deliver a job that Kurt completed for a wonderful teenager. We are indeed blessed to be surrounded by such talent in this work.

I can not close without posting another photo of dear Brandon and Hailey who we will miss and hold tenderly in our hearts. As I clicked the button to post this and to move on to the start of a day with my parents up in Sequim I look outside to the most spectacular sunrise that I have seen in ages, it matches the sunset that capped off the wedding ceremony last night. I close in awe as I had received a lovely email to cheer me up when I arrived home last night from my board member and friend, Lori Sawyer, "Earth is crammed with heaven. Elizabeth Browning", in love and peace, Lynette