Saturday, September 29, 2007

The movie showing of Portraits of Hope at the Port Townsend Film Festival was very nice and I was honored to meet the film makers for two other short subject documentaries that were showing. One was on ironing and made me laugh out load and the other was about gleaning from the sea, a subject that touches close to my heart. It was nice to share with the audience that the two babies that inspire the work of Soulumation is inspired by Janus and baby Lanie, whose roots are in Port Townsend.

I am so thankful to share that Nintendo is giving us a donation thanks to a recent connection to the head of their coporate giving, Philip 'Flip' Morse. This type of gift is what we need to be working toward and I hope that we can work to forge a bond with this company. If you know of any local companies that might be interested in helping us with funding the work of Soulumination please let us know. I want to thank Lisa Hoonan and Perrin Kaplan, former brides of mine, for introducing me to Flip as this donation just lifted my spirits so much and will take the work of Soul further into our community.

Please hold our children in your hearts this weekend and send prayers for their well being. The dear little baby girl I met this week at Children's is really battling hard right now. Our dear Emily is being a real trooper, but is starting to lose her hair due to the chemo. Barry in Montana is having his bedroom painted black by dear friends and he remains his effervescent self as his time ticks away. Jessica is having some real struggles and continues to warm many hearts with her spirit. Little Claire has her new line now and is going through the process for her bone marrow transplant. I am slated to take photos of this process next Friday.

I share today photos of new Soul child, Keaton. Stephanie Cristalli worked with this family and I think you will agree that this is one lovely set of photos. Keaton is 2 and a half and is in remission from a brain tumor. I got to have a quick peak at recent work by our board member Randell. She also did a tremendous job with a young dad who is battling against a brain tumor.

I close as always in love and peace and with special thoughts to our parents and families with recent losses, Lynette