Friday, September 07, 2007

It promises to be a big weekend here at Soul central in Ballard. We are hoping for nice weather as I have a lovely wedding today, on Saturday the Huskies are in town and of course we hope for victory and lots of sales of Husky Nation CDs and of course on Sunday we are hosting the movie party. I send kudos to our friend Jake Locker who is taking this town and this sporting nation by storm and share a photo of Jake with our buddy Chris.

With the increase in the number of families we are serving we must just keep plugging away at fund raising and I hope everyone understands that this movie party on Sunday is open to all and that the entrance is by goodwill donation. We are very careful with the money that is entrusted to us and every dollar is important, so I want everyone to know that attending on Sunday is more important than the amount of the donation. Please bring friends and family and enjoy some time with Soul families, their children, our board, staff, Soul photographers, my family and many amazing supporters while viewing the work of Jon Ward and his staff. We will be displaying many photos of our Soul children as well as showing a sample of the art work that wil be at the Artist Sale here in December. We will have some of the new seed cards to purchase and plant, as well as Sydney cards, and the Husky Nation CD. I am so thankful for the hard work of dear supporter, Deb Eberhardt for putting this movie party together.

My sincere thanks to dear friends Susan, Andrew and Brandon Tarling. Brandon's memorial service took place yesterday in Vancouver. My heart was with them even though I was working here in Seattle from morning till evening. Its hard not to be at the side of dear friends at such times but I hope they know that so many of us are missing Brandon. I was so very touched to see that in the Vancouver Sun they had listed Soulumination as a possible place to honor Brandon with donations. I share again the signature image from my first time meeting Brandon as it so clearly shows his amazing spirit.

Thank you to those of you who have sent in tissue paper, especially Elise from New Jersey. Elise and her family are very dear to me and their thoughtfulness abounds. Showing Elise today from the photo session in Boston at the NTSAD conference.

I had the priviledge of chatting with Shayla's mom yesterday. Our friend Leo did such an amazing job of working with family, not only in the photos, but in his connection with them personally. I am so proud of Leo and share another image of one special teenager.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette