Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I will continue to post photos from this weekend throughout the next weeks as the bonding, sharing, and caring are so evident in the photos that I am so excited to share them. I am still reeling from all the emotion and we are trying to catch up with all the thank yous and the emails. The first two photos shown are more shots by our friend and Soul photographer Kurt Smith. They show a group of admirers of the Teabo's new daughter from Ethiopia. The other shows Doug and I receiving a gift for Charlotte that Doug's bowling buddy, Sarah brought for our little movie star.

The third photo was taken by Victor's mom, Laura and shows me wearing the gift that Sarah brought for this other tiny movie star.

I must congratulate the Husky Team for their big win on Saturday and love the fact that three of the biggest stars are a part of Soulumination and Husky Nation. Don't forget that the Husky Nation CD's make great gifts and all the proceeds benefit Soulumination. You can order your copy on line here at our website today, we are adding a photo of Jake with Chris and Marin to each disc we sell this year. I am sharing a shot of Quentin Daniels, who scored on Saturday with Emily's big sister, Mianna and a photo of Roy Lewis

who was honored as defensive player of the week of the NCAA holding Emily and Channon.

We are so proud that Stephanie, Jeremy and Jodi have both completed shoots in the past few days. Their work looks absolutely beautiful. I close as always in love and peace, Lynette