Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For weeks after an event like the Movie Party I can feel all the emotion that was colliding here in my courtyard and studio. It is as if there is some amazing force that stays with me and lights up areas for me to work toward. It opens my heart to the fact that small kindnesses are such a part of growth and healing. As a result of the Portraits of Hope showing we have received so many notes and emails and such loving donations that I take it as a sign once again to keep moving forward.

I did escape overnite to the cabin where I put to good use the tissue paper that a number of you so graciously shared. A special hug to dear Elise for sending paper from the East coast. The seed note cards are very beautiful and I thank Tammara for taking on the final steps to completing the packaging. I could use more tissue over time, especially the lovely ones that we see at holiday season, so keep those for Soul if you would. We will have a number of Soul gifts that can be purchased at the artist sale in December, plus we will hopefully have them on line soon.

I am sharing today some of the photos taken by Michael Good at the Movie Party. Some of you have seen them in a lovely slide show, but I don't know how to load that here, so I will share them individually for the next few days.

I had an opportunity to talk with
both of my daughters over the weekend and I marvel at their insights and their ability to see things with such freshness and determination. As a parent it is tempting to want to make things better for your children, but when I step back I realize that the hard parts of their journeys are making them into women of substance, charity and strength. Yes indeed, I am one proud mom.

As we wind into fall I can see that Soul is growing and serving more families each month. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this work. I received great news last night that Emily's at home and her cancer has responded very rapidly to the chemo. She will be continuing a full course of chemo, but will be able to do so from home. Lets all have faith that the fall colds and flus leave her alone and that she has time to gain the levels doctors want to see in all areas. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette