Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doug and I just returned from Emily's 4th birthday party and as we pulled up we both exclaimed that this family and their friends are truly fine people. The announcement of the party was only sent out yesterday and it was so heartwarming to arrive to see so many people all happy and ready to support this spunky redhead through yet another round of chemo. As the sunset in full glory it was a site to see Em's smiling eyes peaking out of a fleece blanket as she is really tired and worn out from all the hospital tests and lack of food while they complete the testing process. Minutes after blowing out her candles she asked to go home to bed and we all trooped out of the park to send her off with balloons and flowers and presents in our arms. Lets all pray for another remission.

As I was wrapping up my 5th shoot at the Locks today, I heard cheery voices razing me and there to my wonderful surprise was my new Soul friend Rose and her mom accompanied by our little movie star, Vic and his mom. Rose had just been over for photos yesterday evening and after my 6th shoot I got to work with Victor for a while to take some shots of him in his new spiffy glasses. I will share photos of Victor when they are processed as well as some from Emily's party.

I was very pleased to hear from the mother of a little miracle angel named Jonah. I had met this family in December and had thought of them often as the situation was one that had doctors saying they needed to reavaluate the cross of action. I ran into Jonah's mom a week after working with them and to my delight he was still alive and they were able to spend days with him that we certainly not expected. We will send them forms to sign and then I will share this angel with all of you as well as some of her words that tell of what his photos mean to them.

Tonight I will start to share some more photos taken by Sarah at Sunday's event. The first is of Andrew and his family posting in front of the Andrew photo that was displayed in our courtyard. The second is of three amazing Soul moms who have all lost amazing angel boys- Blake, Brandon and Hudson. The third photo is of our swimming star Marin with her dad and fun loving brother.

I ran into many Ohio State supporters at the Lock's today and of course couldn't help give them some good natured ribbing about our amazing Husky team and and Soul friend Jake Locker, Quintin Daniels and Roy Lewis. They were all so fun and told me that they knew Washington was a new force to be reckoned with. We have had daily requests for Husky Nation CDs and hope you will tell your friends to purchase one.

I close as always in love and peace and with healing prayers tonight, Lynette

After I finished this blog, I was cleaning out emails and found this wonderful quote to share:
Out of clutter, find simplicity.
From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
Albert Einstein