Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today I ask you to hold in your heart a very special little boy named Brandon. Many of you are familiar with him as his image has been used many times to celebrate the work of Soulumination, most recently in the Alaska airlines magazine article. He was released from the hospital in Edmonton to go home to his loving family but is not expected to live through this night. I am posting two recent images of him that I captured when I took the train to Vancouver to update his photos. HIs entire family has been most supportive of the work of Soulumination and I know that the love we send to them will be appreciated.

Each summer brings my dear friends back to Seattle from their home in Tokyo. You might remember that they have 2 sets of boy/girl twins and have been most gracious in sharing their funds from a lemonade stand that my husband built for them. I was especially touched by their donation from the stand this year as Christopher bought the lemonade and cookies with his own money that they sold for Soulumination. They also came over a few nights before they left and created some beautiful paper that will be available for purchase at the Artist Sale here in December.

I managed to slip away to my cabin after a beautiful wedding at Lakewold Gardens on Monday night and discovered during my frenzy of art projects that I can create beautiful handmade paper from the shreddings from the office. So, I would still love to have colored tissue paper to work into the flower seed paper I am creating for Soul's benefit at the artist sale but the need isn't so dire. We are looking for fabric that you might like to donate for the prayer flags. We are hoping to have people give nice pieces of cotton, the usual quilting weight that is not too patterned as we are stamping some amazing handcarved images onto the fabric. Maude May has designed the flags and has cut really lovely stamps for embellishing. If you are like me and have fabric that you know you are not going to use, we would greatly appreciate your generosity. Please call if you question whether your fabric is what we are looking for as it definately can have pattern, but it must also show the stamping. the flags are pictured here so that you can see the type of fabric we are looking for.

We are thrilled that both Kurt Smith and Christina Mallet were available for shoots this week. We are also welcoming my friend Stephanie Cristalli to the work of Soulumination. She already has her first assignment and we are blessed with her additon to our mission.

Everyone is working hard to ensure a successful day at the Movie Party here on Sept 9th. I want you to know that the amount of the donation is totally good will and we welcome all of you regardless of the contribution size. We hope to share the work of Soulumination through the viewing of this documentary. It will be a time to celebrate the growth of the foundation and bring many loving hearts together. Your support will insure that we can offer this service to every family that inquires.

Doug and I spent a most delightful evening at the bowling alley and here at our home with a fun Soul child and her amazing mom. Doug and this child are bowling buddies and the mom spent time lifting my spirits as its been a rough day with our dear Brandon so ill. Doug and I cherish the time we are granted in the presence of this mom and daughter. We are hopeful that they will join us on Sept. 9.

I close as always, In love and peace and with my heart tender for the family of dear Brandon. Lynette