Friday, August 03, 2007

This week started with a new venture for Doug and I. We left Monday at 1pm to drive to Chico, CA so that Doug could take tools to work on the new Buzz restaurant that McKenzie will be managing. As I pushed the drive into the wee hours of the morning so that I could wake up in my daughters new town, Doug woke up and said "there is a sane and reasonable way to do these trips or a maniacal way." Of course you can all guess who didn't mind being thought of as a maniac if it meant I could wake up in Chico knowing it is Mac's current home. For me it was so sweet just being able to see her new house and restaurant even though I had to fly home Tuesday evening. Thursday was McKenzie's twenty third birthday and it was perfect that Doug was working with her this week and could take her out to celebrate. I, however was home working but had the most amazing experiance of attending a party on the evening of Mac's birthday for a woman I so totally admire and was thrilled to dance to the Temptations singing 'My Girl' and many of their hits at this celebration. Last night I joined an informal gathering for John sharify as he leaves KOMO to pursue new paths. His story on Soulumination touched many people and has helped us in some many ways in spreading the word about Soul.

I thank both Randell and Michael, amazing shooters with Soulumination for taking on shoots this week. Michael worked at Evergreen Hospital and Randell at Children's. Sandra also completed a beautiful shoot this week for a family that had been at Camp Agape but for medical reasons had to leave before we arrived to work. It was Sandra's second time to work with little Hudson. Last time I shared this little charmer he was bald with the cutest little grin. We will hopefully be working soon with a long time friend of mine, Stephanie Cristalli. I am so thankful that she is willing to join in this mission.

We had a new volunteer step forward today and I so thankful to her for her offer to help. Mary Hoey stepped in at a moments notice after emailing in that she was interested in helping out. Mary is working with Sarah to complete all the gifts for the families of Camp Agape. She and our intern Max Cho should be able to complete this work and have it ready to be shipped to the families on Tuesday. I am thrilled with the results from this amazing camp.

We also met with with a grant writer who is volunteering to take us through one grant cycle. We are hoping to secure funding to push forward with the adult shoots as well as finding financing to work at more cancer camps. This grant writer is really one fine woman and I am honored to welcome her. Thank you so very much Audrey for agreeing to do this. We will be asking Soul Grandma Shirley to work alongside Audrey as she is willing to learn to write grants for us. On her next visit to Ballard I have asked her to bring photos of her son Joel so that I can meet the little boy that inspired her to work with us. Joel passed away at age 2 and a half from leukemia and I am most eager to see his face as his mom is giving such a lovely gift of herself that will most likely lead to many more families being served.

We now have one more new volunteer, Barb will be checking phones messages over the weekends and now has the information to set up shoots should Sarah and I be out of touch while working at weddings. Barb started a couple of weeks ago and has already been instrumental in helping us effectively reach two families. Barb has just retired after 11 years at Children's hospital, so we are absolutely thrilled to have her with us. I have known Barb through family weddings and the loss of a precious grandbaby. She is a perfect addition to our mission.

I hope you have marked your calendars for September 9th to come see the award winning documentary, Portraits of Hope. Thanks to the producer, writer and director, Jon Ward, we will be showing it numerous times that day here in the courtyard at 5201 11th Avenue NW in Ballard. I am hoping the entire film crew can join us as well as the stars, Charlotte and Victor. Entry to this event will be by good will donation, with our Soul families of course invited to attend as our guests. We will show the film many times that afternoon and all are welcome. Thanks to the help of Deb Eberhardt and to Maude May it promises to be a special day where we will debut our handmade "Soul" prayer flags.

I close thinking of my dear friend Jessica who is having new signs of distress from her disease. She is home in Arizona and her mom asks that we keep them in our prayers. She is one amazing young woman and her strength is legendary, so lets keep them safely in our hearts. As always in love and peace, Lynette