Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There are so many things to be thankful for and on Monday I was caught off guard and found myself in tears of joy, pride and relief while standing at the counter at Moonphoto. I was dropping off many rolls of film from two lovely weddings this weekend when Jane told me that 3 orders were ready for Soul. I opened each packet to see such lovely photos of three baby boys. The images were truly beautiful and I cried because they were taken by Michael Good, Christina Mallet and Tara Clark. I have my own Soul shoots that are being processed at Moon, but to see three wonderful families served in such a stunning way and realizing that I don't have to be the one shouldering all work was so evident. I couldn't be more proud of the work done in the last weeks by Soulumination.

We are moving forward with such grace and talent and we are blessed by our amazing list of photographers. Soon they will be featured on the website but still waiting for some of them to turn in their bios and their photos. This is also the first week that I have full time help for Soulumination work. I am thrilled that Sarah is now working for us full time. We are looking for a couple of high school volunteers who can come in regularly to help assemble the gift for the Soul families. Let us know if you are interested in helping out. You can call the office at 206-297-0885.

I was honored to attend the first birthday party of our dear Emily's baby brother. I am showing a couple of photos today of Emily at the party and you can see that she is doing so very

well. This little girl a light to so many.

Our friend Leo also did a shoot for Soul this week. He stepped at a moments notice when a family requested that their shoot time be changed to one that I couldn't accomodate. This young women was described to me in such glowing terms that I knew she would be amazing and you can see that Leo captured her radiance so perfectly. Thank you Leo for this effort and to the family for being so willing to share the work by signing releases at the shoot. I tip my hat to my good friend Mark at Children's for helping work this out on such a short notice.

As I stated, I was at two very special weddings this weekend. At the second wedding I was honored to meet a woman that had just successfully completed a yearly fund raiser for Children's Hospital that brought in over 7 million dollars. It was so special to shake her hand and thank her for making such a difference to so many with her efforts.

I started this blog mentioning my many blessings so of course have to share that my husband and I are again meeting a special Soul friend soon. As usual, Doug will spend some fun time bowling while I get the pleasure of just visiting with one inspiring mom. I am so lucky to have a husband that engages in such a personal and meaningful way.

On Sept 9th, I hope I will have both daughters by my side, but will not be sure about having McKenzie here until the last minute with all her duties in California running the new restaurant. So today I share a photo of her that captures the vulnerable side that was evident at my brief visit a few weeks ago. I shot this during the exhausting phase of cleaning up the restaurant in preparation for the opening.
Our dear Llewelyn will be up from Olympia on the 9th. I so hope you will be joining us to see the movie that Jon Ward so maserfully crafted. I received an amazing call yesterday stating that Jon is actually tied to Soul in another way as he is a TaiKwonDo instructor for our good buddy Andrew.

This is one long blog, but so much has been happening. A reminder that I am in need of recycled tissue paper for a Soul project, please use Goodsearch for Soulumination and I hope to see you September 9th for the movie showing. I close feeling elated by all the good things that are happening. In love and peace, Lynette