Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It is so sad to have to write again so soon, but I knew that I should share the devastating news that we have lost two precious Soul children in the past day. The dear angel Brandon died just after midnight and his passing has touched so many hearts. Since I met Brandon on his first birthday up in Edmonton I have felt a close bond with his amazing family. They traveled to Seattle for the opening of the show at St Mark's Cathedral. His aunts have been generous with funds and his grandparents opened their home to me just two weekends ago in the most gracious of styles. Brandon's parents are in the words of my daughter Llewelyn, who accompanied me on the trip to Edmonton, "just the sweetest people." Brandon's photo charmed so many folks and has been used on our safe the date reminders, in the Alaska Airlines magazine article, in the Seattle Times article, was shown at the shows in Washington, DC and at the care conference in Bellingham. Lovely testamonts to his affect on our volunteers arrived today. Brandon garnered much love and his presence will remain through this legacy.

Sadly, just hours after hearing about this passing came the devastating news that a one in a million sprite named Hailey had lost her battle with cancer. She was scheduled to come in tomorrow afternoon for updated photos as she had been doing so well and now had a full head of hair. Things took a turn for the worst in the past days and she passed away surrounded by loving family, friends and caregivers. To know Hailey was to adore this spunky and sparky little girl. Her photo graced the cover of the Quality at End of Life Care Conference in Bellingham. This little girl managed to wiggle and charm her way to the third floor of the studio here in Ballard. Mind you, hundreds of children have been here to the studio for photos and she is the only child who insisted on viewing every space and convinced me to escort her to our third floor bedroom. I talk about her so often as she was just a beacon of light. My heart is with her family tonight and as with Brandon, she has a special place there always.

I felt compelled to display some more views of the fabulous Soul prayer flags tonight in honor of these losses. In love and peace, Lynette