Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have been thinking about Soulumination and the support we have garnered. I am very pleased and thankful. But I know that it is my responsibility to be sure that we continue to secure funds and volunteers as we are receiving many more requests each month. With that increase I must be sure that we can remain financially viable. So here are three things that many of you could do to help us that require very little time or money:

I invite you to attend the showing of Portraits of Hope here at my studio on September 9th from 2 till 5. Entrance is by goodwill donation and therefore is affordable to all. We are inviting each of our Soul families to attend as our guests and it will be a very special day. People of all ages are welcome and we would be most honored if you will bring friends. The beauty of our Soul kids and the heart of this work should add up to a most special day indeed. Please join us and celebrate the work of our first 2 years. The stars of the show, Charlotte and Victor wil be in attendance. I am posting photos taken by the masterful filmaker, Jon Ward to give you a taste of the movie. We will be debuting our handmade Soul prayer flags that day thanks to the efforts of Maude May. This event has been organized by our new board member Deb Eberhardt. We couldn't be more proud to welcome her to the board and are most grateful for her hard work in putting this all together. The film is a short subject documentary and we will be showing it numerous times throughout the afternoon.

The second request is for recycled tissue paper. I want to create a special Soul product to be sold at the artist sale in December. It will be handmade notecards embedded with wild flower seeds that can be written on and then planted to grow flowers by the recipient. Making the paper takes a quantity of tissue in various colors and it would be lovely to work 'green'. Anyone attending a baby shower, birthday party, or wedding will have lots of tissue in both color and white to be recycled and I would be most grateful if you would share this with us. You can call us at 206-297-0885 for drop off times.

The final request is another reminder to use goodsearch when searching the internet. I have used it exclusively for the past months and it is a great search engine provided by Yahoo. The use of goodsearch costs you nothing and adds a penny per search to our total.

We will be updating our gallery soon and have many more children and now adults to share with you. Watch the site in early September to see the new faces.

I worked with one of my lovely brides this week to start a series that will follow her and her son through her breast cancer treatment. I thank Kristin for allowing us to share this journey with all of you and will post the first images once they are printed. Her mother is involved in Rotary and I am excited to deepen my connection with this organization.

I close as always in love and peace and with hopes of seeing you on September 9th. Lynette