Thursday, July 12, 2007

A tiny visitor brightened yesterday for all of us at Soul. We got to meet Garrett, baby brother to James, who is featured in our gallery. Two days earlier I finally got to put a face to the physician who introduced me to this lovely family when I met her to work with her family for a photo session at Ballard Locks. I am so thankful to this amazing doctor for having the presence of mind to call us on such a sorrowful day last year.

I had just taken pregnancy photos of Cathy days before the birth of Garrett, and his arrival five weeks early was a big surprise. I am so happy to say that he is doing well indeed. I am posting photos of our little meeting taken by our amazing intern Max.

We are working to make contact with local hospitals and hospice groups to let them know that we are available to work with adults who are leaving behind children. Our board member Randall Walton met with our assistant Allison this week to put the
word out. Allison and

Randall are pictured here today so that you can see the amazing people that make Soulumination a vital and growing foundation.

Something that continues to be an issue for us is that we hear of families who would like our services, but due to medical issues they are unable to complete a shoot. In following up on some of these recently we have found that the patient has passed away, but the words of thanks for the offer are so touching. We realize that not all referrals can be completed, but I want those families to know that even though we never had the opportunity to work with them, the losses touch us deeply and that we care.

In launching the use of in trying to raise funds without having tiresome fundraisers, I was hoping we could really make a difference without having anyone personally lay out more funds. I am watching the total uses and can tell we have not reached a level of usage that will make a dent in funding. So I am asking again for you to consider using Goodsearch each and every time you use the internet and to share this with friends and family. It's so easy to do, and since they are part of Yahoo the searches are just as effective as any other search engine. So please go to and sign up, listing Soulumination as your foundation of choice. Then you must use that regularly to make a difference in our funding. We continue to be blessed with nice donations from our newsletter and we are so thankful to all who have given.

We just got another call from Stepping Stones and are very excited to be working with this wonderful organization.

I am off to a shoot for my business, This time of year I am very busy but hope to keep you up to date on all that is happening. There are many families on the books for the next few weeks and we are planning a visit to Camp Agape in a couple of weeks. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette