Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of visiting Camp Agape, thanks to the support of my friend and client Nanette and her husband. Nanette had arranged it so that Soulumination could again work with all 17 families attending this wonderful 'cancer' camp that is a part of the ministry of four of our local Greek churches. I worked at this camp two years ago and was thrilled to return with our manager, Sarah, and intern, Max. We all had a wonderful time working with the incredible families served by this camp. I am sharing photos today of Danny and myself. Danny and his family are returning campers from the Bellingham area and I am so happy to say that dear Danny is clean of cancer. I am also sharing a lovely new family that agreed to let us share their lovely daughters with you today. I am hoping that we can secure funding to return each and every year to this camp. My dear friend Joan, mother of Janus, who helped inspire the work of Soulumination, would like to join us in this work next year. It would be a joy for me to have her attend and see how the life of her firstborn has blessed others. She knows full well the value of the photos, but I think the joy of today would be well shared with someone so dear to this work.

Monday found me out shopping for a few new items to spruce up my summer wardrobe when I was summoned to Children's Hospital by a social worker who is becomming a most wonderful friend. There was a new baby girl whose family wanted photos, and the request came with some urgency as the family was heading home the next day. This beautiful baby has a very similar name to our firstborn and I was honored to meet this little stunner. Her lovely mom, grandma and uncle were all available for photos. I felt such love and such tenderness in that room. The photos are printed and ready for Sarah and Max to compile into the album and other gifts that our social worker friend will deliver to this mom. I hope this mom realizes how she and her daughter are now a part of my heart, their tender beauty striking a chord as not only is the child's name similar to our McKenzie's but the mom is the same age and showed such grace.

I share with you today a photo of a new Soul family that was captured for posterity by Leo Lam. I am very touched by Leo's sensitive work with this handsome group. Leo touched a chord with this family and it's obvious why.

I keep track via CaringBridge sites of many of our Tay Sachs children and I am ecstatic to report that dear Krystie is now producing the missing enzyme in Tay Sachs children with the aid of her stem cell transplant. She is days out from her stem cell transplant and it's just amazing to get this news. I also received today a lovely angel from another Tay Sachs Soul family. I thank you dear Riley and family for your gift; it touched all of us here in Ballard. Krystie is pictured here today with one of her dads and Riley with both parents.

My dear daughter McKenzie has moved to Chico and we will all miss the lovely San Luis Obispo area. Mac will be opening a new restaurant for the couple that she has worked for during her time in SLO. It will be called the Breakfast Buzz, just like the original one, so if you go through Chico or have friends living there send them in to say hello as she will be without her college buddies in this new town. If any of you have followed Soul from the start, you will recall that our dear Mac held the first-ever fundraiser for Soul at the Buzz in SLO. Doug will be going down to lend a hand in opening the new Buzz, but I am booked solid so I have to wait tearfully for a break in my schedule to go visit this amazing daughter. Our lovely Llewelyn is studying this summer at Evergreen and will go to visit Mac in Chico in late August. The photo shown is of our final visit to SLO over Mother's Day. I am indeed missing my girl and am thankful for all her thoughtful phone calls of late.

I close as always in love and peace, Lynette