Friday, July 06, 2007

I just received a lovely email from our dear friend, Chris, father of Channon. It is great to get the news that Channon continues to get stronger over time. That little girl has brightened so many hearts with her amazing spirit. Her entire family is beautiful in so many ways and I share a couple of photos of her and hopefully will get to see her soon for updates.

Last Wednesday I met and said goodbye to two precious angel babies. The power of love in the room and the depth of the sorrow permeated every part of my body and I woke this morning to tears quietly falling. These times I feel that my body finds it own outlet and the tears just must come to try to soothe the sorrow. The parents of these little ones filled me with that feeling of awe brought on only when one is in the presence of love so pure. I feel so insignificant, so powerless to help, so out of place, yet welcome in this personal space and time. I send my love and my respect and my deepest sympathy to a beautiful couple and only hope that they will find some tiny peace in the days and years ahead.

We have heard of many new faces that will be coming into our little foundation in the days ahead. This week we have three talented photographers working with new families and I just got an email from our trusted friend, Michael Good who worked with a family this weekend. Michael often works with families that are in the hospital and that have very dire predictions for the outcome of their pregrancies. Michael has a photojournalist background and a sensitivity that makes him especially suited to this type of request. I thank him for being so thoughtful and caring in his approach.

I received the sad news that our Sarah has lost her precious dog, Gibson. Many have seen photos of her pal in the office and heard about his illness, so I thought you might want to know that this courageous pooch has lost his battle. Sarah does such am amazing job in working with each of our families to be sure they are served to the best of our ability. She gives of herself each and every day and it is sad to know that she is mourning this loss.

I spent some lovely time in the past week with my friend Joan, mother of Janus who helped inspire the work of Soulumination. Yesterday she spent the entire day with Doug and I at my parents. We did have such a good time and my mom and dad so enjoy Joan's company. I thank her for so gamely helping me clean the 27 crab we purchased. That woman is a true friend. Now I will be able to share crab tonight with other amazing friends.

Please try out the way of searching on the internet and list Soulumination as your foundation of choice. We will need to raise funds steadily throughout each year and the requests are increasing, so your use of this in your daily searches will add up to helping families in this mission of legacy building.

For those of you who would like to see the documentary about Soul please mark your calendars for September 9. We will show the movie numerous times here at the studio and hopefully welcome many of our families and supporters to celebrate the work of Soul and the lives that so tenderly enter our circle.

I close as always in love and peace and with many Soul children tucked into my being, sending hope that time will heal, Lynette