Monday, July 02, 2007

It was such a pleasure to watch my friend and Soul photographer Kurt Smith work with the charming Marin last week. It's always fun to put two of your favorite people together and just sit back and watch the magic. Marin is interested in pursuing her interest in photography, and since she shoots with a digital camera, I knew it would be great to have her meet Kurt. I have watched Kurt explore the digital world with his usual skill and inspiring shooting style. I am posting two images that were captured by Sarah as Kurt explained his camera and how he is currently using his point and shoot.

I have just wrapped up a most pleasant and mellow two weeks off. Of course, during the two weeks off, I shot a wedding, a 50th anniversary, two family shoots, a new Soul child and completed a second Soul shoot for Chris' family as we were excited to add his lovely older sisters to the mix. I am posting a photo of Christopher and his sisters here today. This morning I will enjoy a flight to the San Juans to work with some special clients of mine. During this two weeks, Kurt had worked with a family that was returning to Montana with their son. We are most delighted with the results of Kurt's efforts.

The work of Soulumination has been growing in so many ways and I am so grateful to all our shooters, staff, mentors, board members, volunteers, and amazing Soul families. I also want to mention Sarah Mattingly, with whom I worked at the NTSAD conference. She is working with a hospice group in the DC area and is offering families her time and talent. Every single family that we worked with in Boston has been so thankful and has glowing words to say about dear Sarah. She is a gem and we are so blessed to know her. I thank once again the family of Conner Hopf for their incredible support of our time in Boston as well as Dylan Manning's family.

We are keeping the lovely Katelyn in Louisiana in our thoughts as she is nearing her second birthday and is fighting for every breath. I had the extreme pleasure of working at a wedding yesterday in which her photographer, Jeremy Leffel, was a groomsman. His work with Katelyn and her family was just such a gift. Sarah and I both feel such a strong connection to our shooters and to have time with Jeremy at such a lovely occassion was just so right.

We are just now starting to make some changes and improvements to our website with the help of longtime supporter Jennifer Stoeck. We will expand the number of images for each child in our gallery, plus we are working to include bios and photos of all our photographers, staff and interns. Watch for changes over the summer.

My mom continues to improve from her recent stroke, but tires so easily. You can imagine that my heart is with my parents and I know how lucky I am to have their love and support. I was in Sequim last week and left feeling so good, as my nephew Jeremy and his girlfriend were staying his my parents and it was obviously joyful for all of them. My brother Phil and his family live in Sequim and are such amazing help in every way.

I conclude with the grand news that one of our Soul families welcomed their second son into this crazy, amazing world of ours. We send our love and hugs to Cathy and Brian as they enjoy these first weeks with their son. We honor the memory of their son James and are so thankful to Cathy for all the time she has spent volunteering in this past year. I close as always, In love and peace, Lynette