Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today I met one amazing 2 year old girl in Tacoma. We heard about this little charmer through our photographer, Jeremy Leffel. Jeremy's dad is working with Make a Wish, and they had a family who requested photos. While listening to the Mariners and driving through rain and lightning, I thought back to a trip to Tacoma when I met the lovely Hannah Rose. Feelings of that day are powerful and I can imagine that in the future I will have similar feelings about J- whom I met today. J's parents were so obviously devoted to their daughter, and they were so pleasant and welcoming. J- has a baby sister that is spunky, and all in all it was a day that felt just right. I hope to have photos that will have great meaning for this family and I hope this starts a long association with Make a Wish, as I so admire their mission.

We have sent wonderful photos by Michael Good to a new adult family with Soulumination. Michael did a beautiful job with this new family. We are thankful to the social workers with Providence Hospice of Seattle, who are weaving us into their work and letting families know that we are available. This referral came through them and they are such a perfect match for our expanded mission.

Our good friend Kurt Smith has just completed
a shoot for a family from Montana, and we should have those completed in the next week. Kurt is coming over on Tuesday to give my friend Marin a lesson in digital photography. Marin is shown here today in a shot from the footage that Greg Johnson took during our most recent Husky Nation shoot. I foolishly tried to show my muscles alongside a world class swimmer's muscles, but I love the resulting shot as anyone who meets Marin is so lucky--she is just a breath of fresh air. You can read about Marin in our gallery if you haven't already seen her in the local news.

I am also showing a photo today of myself with dear Emma that was taken while we were at the NTSAD conference. I am so thankful to her family for sharing this photo, as having this in my collection is just a treasure. The powerful memories of this conference will forever change my life.

I am happy to report that our dear Soul teenager Jessica is back home in Arizona. We will miss seeing her, but are delighted that she is home and doing so well. Doug and I look forward to seeing her next February in Arizona. I plan to perfect my skills at UNO so she doesn't just wipe me out with her fancy playing.

Please continue to keep dear Katelyn in your hearts as she is struggling each day.
She is shown her with her loving parents in a photo taken by Jeremy when he flew to Texas to record this lovely child.

I think often of my friend Deena and her lovely family, and I continue to build odd but sweet little altars on each beach I visit. I think of Deena, Julie and Vicki each time I spend a few minutes constructing one. If their families should read this, there were numerous ones built on Vancouver Island beaches this past week, as well as on the Sunshine Coast of the BC mainland. With the memorial contributions in Deena's honor we are able to move forward. I just received another this weekend that came with a beautiful note.

I want to thank my long-term clients who have become friends and who have supported us financially and in some many other ways. Our newest Soul teen was just over for photos with his sisters who were not able to attend our first photo session. Thanks to dear clients of mine, Chris will soon realize his dream of driving as my friends are letting him use one of their golf carts. Now, I know it isn't the ride of a teen's dream in the usual sense, but it's a heck of a lot better than never driving in a lifetime. Greg hopes to accompany Chris on this momentous day to capture video of this first time driver.

I close with a thankful heart. I am blessed to meet so many incredible people and to build friendships that are charmed. In love and peace, Lynette