Friday, June 15, 2007

Today brought the sad news that our dear friend Shirley had lost her granddaughter, the lovely angel girl, Emily N. Dear Emily was such a beautiful and sweet child. When I met her I knew her condition was dire, but with the loving care of her grandparents and mom she managed to live another seven and a half months. Emily's daddy preceded her in death, so when the news came today her grandma expressed it that now Emily was with her daddy once again. I heard testimonies about the amazing relationship between this father and daughter and I hope this brings some peace to the family, knowing that they share a new life form. Shirley has become a trusted volunteer and is trying her hand at grant writing for Soulumination. She recently composed a beautiful letter of intent and we are all hopeful of hearing some positive news from the foundation to which she applied.

Today I visited Gilda's Club on Broadway on Capitol Hill and was really impressed with the space and the programs they offer. I highy recommend looking into their organization if you or anyone you love has cancer. I was accompanied by Randell and she was more familiar with their offerings and was much more prepared than I, so I was like a little lap dog all excited and thrilled with the place while thankfully Randell balanced that out with her usual elegance and grace.

I go to see my parents again tomorrow both for Father's Day and to check in on how my mom is faring. She sounds tired on the phone but you can tell she is gaining strength and her speech sounds back to normal.

My dear daughter McKenzie completed her last final at Cal Poly today and now just has to complete her senior project and we will have the first degree in our nuclear family. I think she is a hero for sticking with this and soon her sister Lulu will complete her schooling also. I had hoped to go to Evergreen to finish my bachelors degree, but with my business and Soulumination, it seems a bit too much to fit into my schedule. I am hoping that with Bill Gates getting his honorary degree, maybe some of that magic will remain in the Seattle cosmic realm and someone will think that a farm girl from Sequim needs an honorary degree also! I guess it never hurts to hope and I was thinking that maybe I could offer to guest lecture at appropriate classes, as heavens knows I am always willing to talk about the work of Soulumination.

If you have not supported anyone in this years Breast Cancer Three Day, consider looking at the previous posting here to supporti my wonderful friend Camari.

Tonight I send love and peaceful thoughts Emily N's special family, Lynette