Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This week has already been one of celebration and its not even the weekend! Monday evening was the Seattle premiere of the documentary, Portraits of Hope. It played to a sold out crowd at the Egyptian and there were many Soul supporters, friends and Soul families in the crowd. There were other local films playing that evening and most were comedies. It took my breath away when our film played third rather than in the last slot of the evening as we had anticipated. The story of the children stood out in this arena since it was the only documentary. I am not sure why the power of Jon Ward's work and the size up on the big screen caused me to start shaking and crying. Sometimes such powerful feelings come to the surface when I am face to face with the mission and the struggles and my longing to be a person who is working with a pure heart while in the presence of the children of Soulumination. But seeing this work gave me that jolt that reminds me that I have been placed on this path and there is much work to be done and lovely caring people who step forward to make it possible.

I had mailed out a number of posters hoping to get some of you to search your contacts to see if we can't find more festivals to showcase Portraits of Hope. Jon and his wife are hoping to take this film on a run toward a possible nomination for an Academy Award for short subject documentary. If this is to work out, they would be thrilled if we could assist by sharing any and all friends that could help usher the film into suitable venues. Please call our office and we can direct you to Jon, 206-297-0885. We would so appreciate your help in this matter. I am proud to say that with the film comes the amazing chance to have the work of Soulumination covered in the July issue of the Alaska Airlines magazine. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share the story of our mission in this award-winning magazine. The interview alone was really amazing as it was conducted by my friend and bride of last year, Johanna. She and her family have become friends and supporters and they are truly mentoring people who never fail to lift my spirits with their kindness.

I am so thankful to the family and friends of Deena Ihry McIlroy who have been very generous in their memorial contributions. We are working on a plan to contact all the local hospitals and hospice facilities to let them know that we are now working with adults who have children that will be left behind in the event of the parents' passing. I really have been led to this expansion by the loss of my friends Vicki, Julie and Deena. The support coming from their families and friends has been really incredible. Friends of all three women were in attendance on Monday evening at the opening, and that alone reinforces that we are moving in the right direction.

In attendance on Monday was my

new pal Christopher and his parents. He was pictured on my last blog entry with Jake Locker and Marin, but I wanted to share a few photos from his shoot as he is a new light in my life and I can't resist sharing his radiance with you. As soon as we receive his bio from his parents he will be on our gallery.

Tonight we are heading to Canlis through the lovely gift certificate from one of my husband's clients. This family also supports the work of Soulumination, and the wife worked at Children's hospital in the past. We are going to celebrate our Llewelyn's 21st birthday. It is just amazing to watch Lulu emerge as a woman of honor and potential. Tonight to toast this daughter will be one big milestone.

I share with you two more
amazing families from the NTSAD family conference. The first is Rachel, who was such a radiant girl. You can see that she has a presence of joy and enthusiasm. Her family has such a sense of humor and it was truly delightful to spend time with them.

The second child was another that Sarah Mattingly recorded and she is shown at the top of this blog. Her name is Alyssa and is another child with a lovely sunny disposition. I was busy with another child when Sarah was recording her so I am sad that I didn't get a chance to really meet this little charmer. Later in the day I stopped into the day care room and found Alyssa with her smile so very fetching. I think you will see that Sarah captured her in her full glory.

We have now been using Good Search for almost two months and have found it to be a most effective search engine. Please sign up for this on your own computers and you can start raising money for Soulumination with each and every search. We would really appreciate this support. It is simple, just go to the Good Search site and it will lead you through, just put Soulumination in as your nonprofit of choice.

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette