Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Its been a very emotional time, as I called my mom in Sequim on Saturday morning and realized by her conversation that she had suffered a stroke. Of course that was followed by summoning help through 911, hospitalization, frantic phone calls and all the love that one could imagine rolled into the past five days. I am thrilled to say that mom has come through this with her speech fully recovered and her strength showing signs of returning very soon. I must thank especially the nursing staff at the hospital in Port Angeles, but more personally, my daughter Llewelyn and my sis-in-law Diane for their unequaled patience and love. They showered my mom with their grace and it made such a difference. My dear McKenzie is in California finishing her finals in her last quarter of college and she had to bear this added stress in a time already fraught with emotion. My thanks to all who sent loving thoughts and prayers, and to Doug for manning the phones and keeping all of us connected and informed.

Here at Soulumination things are moving along with such power and love. I am proud to share that the article that will appear in Alaska Airlines magazine is complete and if it is printed as was planned, it will feature a photo of Brandon that I took at his first birthday celebration and one that Jim Garner shot for Soulumination of Channon and I when I first met her. I am thrilled to say that both children are doing well and that I hope to see Brandon again in August to update his photos. Our dear Channon is growing and becoming quite the big girl, and as always she is full joy and exhuberance. Watch for the article in the July issue as you fly, and send us a few copies if you can, as its great to have them to mail with grant applications.

I have seen the results of two new Soul shoots, one by our new board member and photographer, Randell Walton, and her work with this family has captured them in such a way that I am hopeful that my mom will be well enough so that I could have some currents shots of her and me together. Randell captured this mother and daughter with such charm and frank openness that I long for something similar myself. Sandra Coan also completed a lovely shoot that included a charming dog that is trained to help this latest Soul family. You can imagine that these photos have a real appeal. I believe that Michael Good worked with a new family last night. Randell and Deb Eberhart will be contacting the local hospitals and letting them know that we are ready and willing to work with parents through Soulumination. Two of the above-mentioned shoots were with adults, and we hope to grow in our outreach in the next months.

Today, I share more families from the NTSAD conference. The first family is shown at the top of the page. As they entered the room I melted, as they were dressed in wonderful colors and with such flair. I asked where they were from and when they said "Guatemala" I had to turn away to quietly shed a few tears over the sorrow I feel in missing our dear friend, the Mayan warrior, Francisco. As I write this, Franciso's gift to me is safely covering my chair and he is never far from mind. This family spoke enough English and Sarah and I enough Spanish to communicate in a nutty but fun manner. As I worked we discovered that dear Bryan had an older sibling who had already died from juvenile onset Tay Sachs. The dad went to their room and brought the family photo album that showed this other charming son. They shared that they were the only family ever diagnosed in Guatemala. I will never forget this incredible couple and the love they showered on this beautiful little boy.

The next child is sweet Celeste. Sarah and I both enjoyed this lovely family and got a kick out of Celeste's younger sister. You would see this little doll just reveling in all the

attention, and she often would flast a big mischievous grin. You can see that Celeste is surrounded by love.

Dear little William is the third child I am sharing from the conference. If my records are correct, he is also the final child that I will be sharing from this amazing gathering. William is a little charmer and was recorded in a lovely way by Sarah. Even though he is the final child, one would never want to think of him as anything but a most fetching and charming
little guy with such appeal. Let his essence summarize the feeling one gets after such a life-altering experience.

On Thursday I say goodbye to our dear friend Alley. She joined us as a volunteer in April and was introduced to us by her French teacher and another new friend to Soul, Deb E. Alley had lost her mom to a brain tumor on January first and expressed interest in being involved with the work of Soulumination. After a time of volunteering we agreed that she was very valuable to us and she has been a paid assistant for the last few months. We will miss this young woman as she will be moving back to Las Vegas. We wish her the very best in life. Alley is a talented photographer and I hope she will continue to explore possibilities with her camera. We had a simple but wonderful going-away party for her last night thanks to the generosity of Deb, who so kindly drove her to each and every day of work.

I am hoping that many of you have supported someone in the Breast Cancer 3-Day, but if not my friend Camari is walking, and if you would like to support her please go to this link:

I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette